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  • Music And Dance Research Paper

    Making Connections ‘Music’ and ‘dance’, while simple words, hold a world of significance to almost every culture across the globe. It is through the actions of these two elements that people are brought together in times of triumph, grievance, celebrations, and religious gatherings. Music and dance have a way of making you forget the busyness and stresses of life and find happiness and serenity in the present day. And regardless, whether music and dance are performed for an audience or done in the comfort of a home, a multitude of individuals can partake in each activity. As pronounced, America dancer, Martha Graham, once said, “Dance is the hidden language of soul” ("Martha Graham Quotes…”). Music kindles that fire in the soul and allows…

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  • The Importance Of Music And Dance In Madagascar

    Music and dance in Madagascar is more impromptu and it is not uncommon to see someone express themselves emotionally through song and dance, or for a group of villagers to get together and play. As this is more of a jam scenario there is more concern among the musicians about keeping rhythm than exploring linear chord progressions or melodic patterns (Koskoff). Finally, modern Malagasy music does incorporate the traditional instruments and techniques listed above. But a band composed of modern…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Target

    This commercial that I will be talking about is a enjoying, entertaining, short, Target ad. First the commercial started out with two teenage girls that seem to not know each other, it is their first time meeting. The setting is taken place in a small college dorm room that has brand new college supplies that are not unpacked yet. Next, the two girls turn around and introduce each other. Dancing music starts and the girls are having what seems to be a dance battle. While this dance battle is…

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  • Orpheum Theatre Concert Report

    piece was Pacopepepluto with music by Dean Martine. The stage is set with dark lightning and three different males dance individually to upbeat happy songs by Martine such as That’s Amore. This piece was quite captivating with the liveliness of it. What surprised me the most was that despite it being basically a nude man my four year old did not once make a comment about this during intermission. He just said he really liked that dance because it was happy and fun. Which…

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  • Hip Hop Dance Research Paper

    According to the website, the definition of a sport is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature (Sport 1). Dance requires all of these aspects. Dance is an art, but it also has a competitive side. You can compete in many different categories such as solos, duets, trios, or a group. There are also different age groups. There are so many different genres of dance, it would be difficult for someone not to find at least one…

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  • Movement And Improvisation Research Paper

    According to Martha Graham, “The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body." For dancers, our body is the main instrument that conveys our unspoken words. Movement and Improvisation class is a creative platform that allows us to tap into our creativity and explore a large range of movements outside of our usual technique classes. It allows us to develop our ideas and thoughts and move in a way that expresses them. Despite being allowed this space of…

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  • Understanding Hipness: Subcultural Capital As A Feminist Tool '

    and the Early British Rave Scene by Maria Pini, both discuss and analyze the social dance culture of the 1980’s. Thornton’s article focused primarily on the culture of clubbing while Pini’s article focused more on rave culture, however both did mention clubbing and raving at points in their article. Both articles carry validity in their arguments however it is important to take bias into account when analyzing their points. Throughout analyzing their articles, I’ve found my own personal…

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  • Ted Hughes: The Roles Between African-American Music And Dance

    The roles between African-American music and dance that Hughes creates seem to be different, yet similar, in that music appears to be depressing, maybe even boring, while dancing and music both seem to be relaxing. The first thing that he states is “droning a drowsy syncopated tune… I heard a Negro play” (The Weary Blues, 1;3). This identifies that the music he is able to hear, comes from an African American. It may also signify that Hughes could have felt bored while listening to this music.…

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  • Fall Dance Strengths And Weaknesses

    In the Fall Dance Concert, I noticed many strengths and weaknesses of my performances, but I also noticed my growth as a dancer. Even between two different days of performances, they were both distinct in their own ways. In the freshman dance, I noticed that my beginning coupe turns, I tended to falter and stumble on the transitions in between them, but I was able to recover from those mistakes. On Thursday I saw that my turn out on various steps was getting lost, but on Friday it was much…

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  • Goodwe Fitness Case Study

    1. As the Fitness Class Coordinator at GoodLife Fitness, I have been informed that there has been some recent male interest in the dance classes that are held in the facilities co-ed sections. In order to attract men into the GoodLife’s co-ed dance programs, I will be initiating two marketing campaigns in hopes of attracting more men into classes. The objective of both marketing campaigns will not be to make profit, but instead to solve the issue (Crompton,2002) of men not feeling our dance…

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