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  • Electronic Music Research Paper

    As time goes on, music evolves away from human influences. Music is played more and more by electronic methods. In the 1950s, music reinvented itself by developing into electronic music. Electronic music gave many artists freedom to explore their own ideas. Artists and composers of electronic music acknowledged that there are main principles regarding electronic music. Technology naturally leads to experimentation any eventually acceptance of new sounds, styles, and techniques for making music. Composing and listening to electronic music require new skills. The seven aspects of electronic music were a set of guiding principles for the musician. To some artist, they imposed more independences, but for other composers, these directing guidelines…

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  • Narrative Essay About Electronic Music

    My First Trip Into the World of Electronic Music Lying in bed one summer evening about a year ago I realized the extent of my depression. As far as I knew, life was a desolate wasteland. Nothing made me happy anymore, not even the video games that had given me so much pleasure before. I heard a knock at the door that snapped me back to present. “Come in” I yell. The door opens and it’s my best friend Michael. “Hey” I say quietly. “What’s going on?” Michael asks. “Not much, just relaxing.” “Oh…

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  • Understanding Hipness: Subcultural Capital As A Feminist Tool '

    Clubbing culture is dependent on the music, dance, clothing, and other aspects of local culture of that area. Thus, she claims clubbing culture is a local culture. Thornton then discusses cultural capital, which is a term made by French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. Cultural capital is one’s placement on the hierarchy of social statuses based on taste and education. One example used in the article was how accents can show certain distinctions between classes. Thornton uses this idea of cultural…

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  • Goodwe Fitness Case Study

    Members will be able to bring a guest to three classes completely free of cost, this will allow men to get a feel of the dance classes with a friend, partner or family member. If a participant is able to bring someone they feel comfortable with, they may be more likely to enjoy and not feel embarrassed about participating in the dance classes. The last additional strategy I will use is changing class titles to appropriate and inclusive names as well as incorporating appropriate music…

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  • Case Study: Sine Records

    Industry: Sine Records will be an all-encompassing record label for the EDM artist who is looking for a reliable and approachable company to release their music through. Our aim will be to forge long-lasting and personal relationships with our artists and our consumers. From the recording process through to the final release of the product, we will endeavour to provide the best service possible. Not only will Sine Records release music, but we will also market sample packs and synthesiser…

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  • Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

    How are electronic devices and technological advancements affecting children? Kids no longer have a need to go outside in order to go on adventures or to visit with friends since they can communicate and play games on electronic devices. They can access all the information and entertainment they could want from a single device; however, while technological developments might seem beneficial to the younger generations, there are several negative consequences of children using them, like…

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  • Steam Engine Research Paper

    mechanical engineering to design and make things maybe like the shell of the computer. According to Columbia engineering “mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices to large systems spacecraft and machine tools.” Mechanical engineers are suppose to make item and sells it on the market. Not only that they have to design the parts for it they must also find a way to make the product…

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  • Who's To Blame?

    Technology is a ticking time bomb counting down to the very second when humankind meets their downfall. Since the eighteenth century, humans have attempted time and time again to develop technology. It has come to the point where we can visualize a future where mechanics such as artificial intelligence is a common trend throughout every home in every city. The question is, will it come to a point where our rise comes up short and becomes our greatest fall? Despite the fact that technology now…

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  • Music In The Digital Era

    Music in the Digital Era Music is an art that has existed for thousands of years, and over that vast amount of time, music has evolved. From the Medieval period to the classical, and from the modern to the present era, music has slowly become more and more affiliated with technological industry, including computers and even some smart phones. In today’s style of music, most often the elements and instruments being used are actually not instruments at all, but digital sounds created by a…

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  • How Are Children Affected By Electronic Devices In Schools

    Has the use of electronic devices and the Internet changed the way children educate themselves for the better? Using electronic devices and the Internet has better educated and changed the way children learn for the better. Google and other online search engines have made getting information as easy as typing in your question or something you 're unclear upon and pressing “Search”. If children need help after school they can easily look up information instead of asking for help and can…

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