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  • My Interest In Research

    Concerning my interest in child heath and wellness, I think there is both an objective and a more emotionally-imbued reason. Detaching myself from the emotional aspects of working with and for the sake of children, I am interested in child health because children are constantly growing and developing. In respects to neuroscience, I am able to see and research neurological diseases and cognitive functions as it applies to a brain that is constantly changing. The adult brain does have some plasticity, but it is incomparable to that of a child’s. I am fascinated by the aspect of change and development and how that influences the variables being researched. The emotional reason would be the greater sense of urgency and weight I feel with issues related to children. I believe the best aspect of being young is potential, the ability to become and accomplish almost everything desired. Illnesses and other health-related problems hinder that potential, and I believe effects their future much more than it does in adults. I am interested in this field, because I want to make a contribution to alleviating that hindrance. In high school, I was certain I wanted to pursue a career as a physician. However, as I become more exposed to other opportunities in college, my certainty has dwindled. It could be that my certainty in wanting to only practice medicine was due to lack of exposure to other options. In participating in CRISSP, I want to gain more exposure to research, so I can better…

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  • Elaborative Rehearsal Essay

    Elaborative Rehearsal and Cardiac Arrhythmias The process of memory is encoding, storing and retrieving information. The information is processed using visual, semantic, or acoustic ques. Maintenance and elaborative rehearsal are storage codes used to store the encoded information. Elaborative rehearsal is “elaborating” on the definition of the word using semantics, acronyms, or acoustic syllables. To adequately retrieve the information, you have encoded and stored you must use proper retrieval…

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  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Essay

    Cardiac Dysrhythmia Cardiac Dysrhythmia also known as cardiac arrhythmia is a group of of conditions where the heartbeat is irregular and or too fast or too slow. Tachycardia is known as a heart rate that is over 100 beats per minute for adults ,while Bradycardia is too slow with below 60 beats per minute. Majority of arrhythmia issues are not serious, but some predispose one to complications like heart failure or a stroke. Arrhythmia are the leading cause of sudden cardiac death, with 400,000…

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  • P Wave Deflection

    Once the P wave initiates the signal, the R wave is the first upward deflection after that. Anyone can easily recognize it on the electrocardiogram (ECG). That is because it is the largest one out of all the waveforms. The R wave corresponds to the depolarization of the left and right ventricles. It does not need the Q wave to be the first deflection at all. Also, note that there can be multiple R waves. Throughout the paper, it will discuss all the wave functions, specifically the R wave, any…

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  • Cardiac Arhythmia Case Study

    Cardiac Arrhythmia is an anomaly in the Heart which can be diagnosed with the help of Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal. ECG signal is a diagrammatic representation of the cardiac signal, which is most important biomedical signal, taken for the feature extraction. Since it is very difficult to analyse the ECG signal due to the size, noise and changes in the signal, automatic system for ECG signal processing is essential. For this, ECG signal is processed using wavelets based signal processing,…

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  • Adenosine Receptor Caffeine Analysis

    Analysis of Adenosine receptor blockage’s effects on the electrophysiology of HCTP/OR producing neurons of the Hypothalamus – receptor blockage mediated by Caffeine Introduction In this experiment, the quantification of firing rate changes on a specific neural sub-group will be analyzed via whole cell patch-clamping and the application of the common psychoactive drug-caffeine. The significance of quantifying the electrical signaling of the chosen neuron is to proportionally quantify the…

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  • Essay On Vasovagal Syncope

    Feel sick to your stomach (nauseous). See spots or slowly lose vision. Hear ringing in your ears. Have a headache. Feel warm and sweaty. Feel a sensation of pins and needles. During the fainting spell you may twitch or make jerky movements. Fainting spells usually last no longer than a couple minutes before you wake up. If you get up too quickly before your body can recover, you may faint again. DIAGNOSIS This condition is diagnosed based on your symptoms, your medical…

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  • Essay On Physical Therapy

    I find physical therapy the most interesting because I get to actually help other people to get better, instead of just relying on medicine. Besides that, I get to know them personally, and get to see them improving under my care day by day. There are eight specialty areas in physical therapy, they are: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, Clinical Electrophysiology, Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Sports and Women’s Health. The one that is particularly attractive to me is Geriatrics.…

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  • The Role Of Organizing In Healthcare Organization

    For this, the organization should use its strength of having financial resources to develop an effective reporting system for echocardiogram reports. Moreover, the organization should provide training to human resource regarding electrophysiology as it is a weakness of the organization that it does not have electrophysiology experts. The organization should use its resources to train individuals and to overcome the threat of shortage of skilled labor. Last but not the least, the organization…

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  • Whiplash Trauma Essay

    parieto-occipital issues in one, and temporoparietal lesions in another (Benson et al., 1992). The tests done in connection to the ear and the brain, or otoneurological examinations, showed ten abnormalities in peripheral dysfunction. After communicating with Benson et al. (1992) three months’ post-impact, it was reported that twelve of the patients had been able to continue and/or return to a full-time employment position. Nine of the patients were unable to revert to regular employment three…

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