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  • Elephantiasis Research Paper

    Introduction Elephantiasis or also called Lymphatic Filariasis is a tropical parasitic disease that affects the lymph nodes and vessels. The disease was first discovered in the year of 1588 by the name of Jon Huygen Linschoten while he was exploring the Western India region. During his time, he noticed that the Indians legs were the size of elephants, where the name Elephantiasis came from. Even though the death rate is not high, but this disease is quite deadly. this paper will be discussing the causes of Elephantiasis, symptoms, and treatments. Causes The causes of this disease are from an infection of a nematode parasite called the Filarial worm. The disease from the worm is transmitted from human to human by the sting of a female mosquito when the mosquito decides to take blood. Once inside the bloodstream, the parasite grows into a full adult worm in your Lymphatic system. Once the parasite introduced to the host the infection begins. Mosquitos carry other worms such as Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Brugia timori. Where the reside in the Lymphatic System and invade your bloodstream and slows down the circulation and causes the swelling. The first cause of this…

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  • Paper On Elephantiasis

    Elephantiasis Elephantiasis is a rare condition that causes immense swelling to human body parts and it’s extremities. It is not a condition that comes about on its own, but rather one that stems from a number of diseases that cause obstruction of the lymphatic system. There are 5 different types of Elephantiasis: Elephantiasis Nostra, Elephantiasis Tropica, Non Filarial Elephantiasis, Genital Elephantiasis, and Proteus (BAŞBUĞ). This disease is one that dates back long ago. It has been said…

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  • Lymphatic Filariasis Research Paper

    Once transferred into a human the larvae of the parasite will then migrate to the lymphatic vessels and nodes where they will develop microfilariae-producing adults. Microfilariae are the larva of the parasite that are what causes the infection in humans or animals. These Microfilariae are what cause Lymphatic Filariasis which is more known as elephantiasis in humans(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The female parasite produce these microfilariae, infect the human host and once…

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  • Patrick Manson Accomplishments

    was well liked and quite popular among the native Chinese that he knew, he took up learning Mandarin and was welcomed by them. However, due to rising issues between China and Japan over who actually owned this island, he was told by the British Consul to leave. After 5 years in Taiwan, he was moved to Amoy, on the Chinese coast where he worked for 13 more years. Again he served the local Chinese patients at the Baptist Missionary Society's Hospital and Dispensary for the Chinese. His brother…

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  • Research Paper On Hodgkin's Lymphatic System

    The lymphatic system is a key system made up of tissues and organs that help maintain your immune system and clean the body of unwanted materials and toxins. In other words, the lymphatic system is the main line of defence when you become ill. in the case of some illnesses, the lymphatic system can be damaged and cause defects in your body that can have lifelong effects on your standard of living. Two diseases in particular are caused by a malfunction in the lymphatic system and they are called…

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  • The Most Serial Killers In The World

    convulsions or coma which can very well lead to death. In order to seek treatment, you must visit a certified doctor. Once you’ve had the disease, it’s important to avoid contact with mosquitoes who might carry it in the future, to avoid getting it again. Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephantiasis) Two types of wired (thread-like worms) are involved in causing this disease; Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia timori or Brugia malayi. Different species of mosquito such as Culex, Anopheles, Aedes or…

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  • The Importance Of Health Care In Africa

    daily lives. It will most likely take more than fifteen years to set systems like that in place but it should start to be thought about. Different age groups require different attention and different medications. One easy solution is “vaccines, [they are] one of the “best buys” for preventing childhood illness and deaths, save an estimated two to three million lives each year.” (A Plan...By 2030). In the U.S. there are people who are refusing vaccination. Vaccination can be refused for three…

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  • Joseph Merrick Research Paper

    response was significant and Merrick's case was covered in the British Medical Journal. As a result, Merrick resided in the basement of the London Hospital for the remainder of his life ²,⁴. Death Over his 4-year stay in the hospital, Merrick's care needs gradually became more regular and demanding ¹¹. The bony masses enlarged and those on his jaw restricted his speech. Merrick’s head continued to grow, causing him to quickly fatigue just holding it up ¹¹. As a result he slept sitting propped…

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  • Why Does Salman Rushdie Use Magical Realism

    in itself no intrinsic metaphorical meaning, it acquires meaning because of the situations in which you find it, it becomes the receptacle for all those moments until it represents all of them put together” (Guardian) When Rushdie references the past, he also give hints at the future and what is to come, creating foreshadowing. An example of this can be seen on page 104 where the anecdote: ‘one journey began at a fort; one should have ended at a fort, and did not’. He contributes even the…

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  • The Wicker Man Analysis

    literature wrote candidly about the concept of waiting for the 'white smoke ' yes, a satirical quest you could say; naturally on a dark night, all smoke is deemed lighter than dark. In retrospect, as a youngster, I didn 't respect the 'penny for the Guy ' slogan; I configured rapidly that straw in tights attired with hole-y clothing was more deserved of a kicking rather than coinage - And usually. the chosen transit for the Guy was a wheelbarrow; I denoted, it was one flat rubber tyre too…

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