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  • Elephantiasis Research Paper

    it. One of the ways to avoid the mosquito’s bites is wearing long sleeves and shorts. Throughout the day use mosquito repellent to avoids stings or bite. When it comes to at night before going to bed have a mosquito net set up to help sleep at night so won’t be stung while in your sleep. Thoroughly wash hands and feet, apply ointment and wear shoes. Lastly, when someone is infected with Elephantiasis there are treatments for the disease. With certain treatments, the main goal is eliminating the microfilaria from the bloodstreams. Bed rest and to elevate the swelling and with using the bandages to compress it, following with a wash to the skin carefully and fully dry it. With any medication, the U.S have developed a drug called Diethylcarbamazine or DEC. With this drug, it can kill both microfilaria and the adult worm in the bloodstream. Analysis Looking Elephantiasis at first thought it was a disease only elephants could get. Starting when it was discovered back in the late 1500’s. When looking over countless websites and looking over several things about this disease. When looking on how is it caused saying being stung by a female mosquito. The information found about this disease was grotesque looking at how it was caused and the symptoms. In my own opinion on Elephantiasis, it’s a disease where no should ever suffer from the main cause of how it effects in long-term effect. There are people in India who walking around to this day don’t even know if they have it…

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  • Lymphatic Filariasis Research Paper

    lymphedema. Lymphedema is not deadly but can cripple people if not treated right or properly taken care of. If the collection of lymph fluid occurs for a long amount of time it will then cause Elephantiasis which is a syndrome that is that is caused by the long term obstruction of the lymphatic vessels and lead to extreme swelling, thickened skin and can cause extremities to become disfigured (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The disease can severely cripple host which…

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