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  • Juskofskys: A Short Story

    It’s not much, with a small living space, and even smaller kitchen. But it’s all we have. I breathe in deep as I think and begin to smell something odd. Reminding me of the thick clouds of exhaust which come from the new-fangled Ford motor cars, speeding down the streets. The people around me must smell it too; they’ve slowed their hands trying to find the source. Friendly chatter dies down and is replaced with harsh whispers, trying to identify what the source is. It’s thick, burning my throat, and I’ve just identified what it is when someone yells. “Fire!” I know I shouldn’t panic, but as smoke spreads through the room, the tension levels rise. I follow a swarm of girls to the elevator, knowing that I’ll be left behind. There are too many of us to fit in the small shaft, and it goes down without me. Those of us remaining run to the narrow staircase in the corner. I get to the door first and pull it as hard as I can. “Open it!” a girl with a thick accent screams to me. “It’s locked,” I scream back, feeling extremely…

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  • Encounter In The Rye Character Analysis

    This traumatic event caused Holden to prevent himself from succeeding in life. He had lost all hope and did not see any point in trying to do or be something if his brother was not there to see it either. This is the reason for all the destructive choices and decisions Holden makes throughout the story. Even though getting drunk and finding prostitutes came off as fun and entertaining to Holden, it was really a cry for help with the downward spiral into which he was getting himself. In one case,…

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  • Personal Narrative On My 12-Day Cruise

    under my breath as I could feel my ears getting red and hot. The man was wearing a blue buttoned down shirt and had a badge that read “Security.” He turned the paper and sure enough it was my face clearly printed in black and white. “Um that’s actually me,” I said to the man. “Are you sure this is you?” he said. Seriously. “Yup, that’s definitely me.” I assured him. “You’re going to need to come with me now so I can take you to your parents,” he said. As we were walking towards the elevator, he…

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  • Summary Of The Catcher In The Rye

    each others face, Holden finds himself upset and aroused because of the couple and calls a women that he has never met to try and get her to have sex with him. The woman wnats to wait until tomorrow to meet but Holden does not wish to wait so long and hangs up on the girl. Holden then goes to a dance room downstairs and begins flirting with three older women, who after dancing with him, make fun of his age and leave him with thier tab. Holden then leaves the hotel and upon arriving the evlevator…

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  • Bedroom Observation Paper

    watch students and faculty at South College to see if health care students chose to use stairs or an elevator to go to the upper floor classrooms. Tracking if gender, extra weight like books, and whether they are going up or down floors effects the choices they make. Weighting the results and coming up with the percentages to see if health care students chose the healthy option when it comes to stairs or elevators. Stairs Versus Elevator Usage at South College Ever wonder if people when given…

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  • Personal Narrative: Observation In Latin America

    The elevator tells me we settled, on the last floor, with a ding, and a screech, elevator doors open. I step out unsteadily. There is only one hallway in the basement, that leads to the only classroom and back to the elevator, or stairs. The classroom is dead ahead. Mr. Fiedler must have let us out really early. I reach the door, it has the body of an oval, with two black windows, but you can’t see anything through them. The door is scorching hot with a massive layer of ash. Scarcely attached…

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  • Elevator Speech

    Elevator Speech 12-second speech [Summarize in one simple sentence what your company does or provides. EXAMPLE: We provide the highest quality widgets that money can buy.] [Describe the benefits that your product or service provides. List the features that set your product or service apart from your competitors' products or services. EXAMPLE: Our widgets perform five important tasks, which are …] 30-second speech [Summarize in a few simple sentences what your company does or provides. EXAMPLE:…

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  • Character Analysis: The Elevator

    I) I believe that Martin does have a phobia towards the elevator. C) In the text, The Elevator, and the text, Fears and Phobias, there are many correlating links between how Martin feels and the indications of having a phobia. The Elevator reveals how Martin has an obvious discomfort in elevators, but is forced to ride it as time progresses. He has many unlikely concerns while riding, such as the elevator falling or boxing him in between the floors. He starts trying to avert this condition by…

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  • Theme Of Conflict In The Elevator

    Using the following prompt as your guide, write a five-paragraph essay in which you describe three conflicts that Martin faces in "The Elevator" . How does he react in response to each conflict and how does it propel the story forward? Be sure to address all aspects of the prompt. In addition, add your own falling action and a resolution to this story. Type your paper in on this Google doc and then attach it to this assignment. If you don 't know how, please ask me. After reading the short…

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  • Elevator Observation Report

    The social task of riding an elevator is one that I believe many of us take for granted. You might even say it is as simply as the elevator opens, you get on, hit your floor, and go about your day? However, from a sociological point of view, riding an elevator is far more involved than such a rudimentary set of actions. In fact, there is a plethora of social norms we (normally) choose to follow when riding elevators. One such norms is giving a quick a nod of the head or offering a quick hello…

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