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  • Analysis Of A Homemade Education By Malcolm X

    Both talk about through change and self-determination, one can achieve greatness; not only for themselves, but for the people surrounding them. Malcolm X was a self-driven man who wanted to empower people, like Elijah Muhammad, but he knew he needed education to speak properly. Plato talked about a prisoner who if set free from his restraints and introduced to enlightenment, would take every step possible to pursue knowledge. When I realized I wanted to own my own businesses and be an entrepreneur, my self-driven mindset helped me pursue every opportunity to educate myself and achieve my goals. Through hard work and dedication, I will achieve my goals just like Malcolm X and Plato. In the essay, “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato, the prisoners chained to the wall have no frame of reference to the outside world. The only visible light is in the form of a slight flicker coming from the fire behind the wall to where they are chained. They can only see their…

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  • Malcolm X's Death Theory

    Can Malcolm X be remembered as a fallen hero or a criminal? Analyzing Malcolm X’s life events, Malcolm X was surrounded by trouble since he was young. These troubles resonate through Elijah Muhammad accusation, FIB allegation and MMI disloyalty. Malcolm X had a criminal pass that follows him until his death. Therefore, Malcolm X dies as a criminal, not as a hero. What does Malcolm X’s death represent? It represents Malcolm X different phases of his life. He was known for Homeboy, Jack Carlton,…

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  • Malcolm X Assassination Analysis

    with him for the rest of his life. Earl little was a Baptist minister and a Pan-African activist. His role model was the Famous Black Nationalist and Pan African activist Marcus Garvey. Garvey’s teaching were circulated throughout the little home. He preached black pride and strength amongst his children. At the age of six, Malcolm’s father was brutally murdered by the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan. As he got older, Malcolm began getting involved in drugs. By 1946, was sent to prison…

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  • Alex Haley's The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    He drops out of Middle school and eventually, became a street criminal in Harlem NY. During this time, his childhood beliefs are consistent. He began dating girl named Laura who was deeply in love with her. Malcolm leaves her heart broken when he leaves her for a white female named Sophia. With Sophia on his side, Malcolm began drug dealing, gambling and robbery. In 1946, he is arrested and sentences to a lengthy sentence. His prison stint is a history changing moment; since that’s where…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Malcolm X And The Civil Rights Movement

    religion of Islam and upon his release, in 1952, met with the leader of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad. This meeting impacted Malcolm greatly, as Elijah Muhammad was, in Malcolm’s mind, his savior. After assuming the moniker Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad provided him the opportunity to preach the beliefs of the NOI, which resulted in decades of hundreds to thousands of eager listeners. Malcolm X found refuge in the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. After developing a special affection for…

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  • The Power And Beauty Of The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    day. That’s why I believe that everything is written.” (p. 152) These comments show the reason behind his discussion of his hustling life, that he was ashamed of what he did but he approved of it solely for the purpose that it brought him to Allah. This also shows how significant the religion of Islam was in his life, that he was willing to endure what he did just to ensure that he would join it. The significance of Islam is shown to a greater effect when he talks about the decline of this…

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  • Malcolm Little's The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    10 years in prison and after seven years was granted parole after serving 7 years. During his few years in prison, Malcolm began to become a better person day by day. He was influenced by a prisoner called Bimbi. Ever since leaving the eighth grade, Malcolm had forgotten how to read and write, but with Bimbi's encouragement, he began to read and study, even taking correspondence courses in English and Latin. (North Star Group) “Malcolm was a devoted follower with the new surname “X” (He…

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  • Haj Malik El-Shabazz's The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    learner. Malcolm spends some time in Mecca and surrounding area, in this time his view are again completely reshaped, like they were when he originally learns of the Nation of Islam. “ I was speechless at the man 's attitude, and at my own physical feeling of no difference between us as human beings” (X 338). He sees Muslims of all races and ethnicity , even white men that had come from all over the globe. Unlike the American white man these white men treat him with respect and care as do the…

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  • Malcolm X: The African-American Civil Rights Movement

    Malcolm X specifically comes to this conclusion once he starts to learn about Islam. During his time in the Norfolk Prison Colony, Malcolm X learns through his family members that Islam is the “natural religion for the black man” (158). As Malcolm X takes up Islam, he starts to focus on spreading the religion to other black inmates. When he teaches Mr. Muhammad’s lessons to the black inmates, Malcolm X would “keep close watch on how each one reacted” (186). He continues by saying, “I never…

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  • Style, Content, And Development Of Malcolm X By Alex Haley

    people that had done him wrong through his life- the Swerlins, Mr. Oskowski, and the white judge that gave him an unfair sentence. This structure helped contribute to the power of the text. He also spent almost all of chapter 10 learning more about Mr. Elijah Muhammad. This shows his transformation to becoming more and more curious into the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Chapter 11 shows an enormous development in Malcolm X. The author’s purpose in this chapter is to show a change in Malcolm…

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