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  • Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible

    or their family's dislike. Elizabeth Proctor is one of the people who ends up being accused. During her time in the play Elizabeth Proctor changes a lot, for the good and bad. In the first act it is revealed John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor's wife has had an affair with one of the girls who ends up calling witchcraft on members of the village. Elizabeth Proctor is introduced in the beginning of the second act. In this act is very clear that Elizabeth blames, her husband for having an affair with Abigail. She is very cold and distant towards John, and who wouldn't be after what had happened. Abigail then convicts Elizabeth of witchcraft by using a needle and a doll. However Elizabeth is not hung because she says she is pregnant, and the court will not hang those who bear children. Near the end of the play Elizabeth is brought in for questioning because John has confessed to having an affair with Abigail. John convinces the court that Elizabeth will tell the truth and has never lied. However, when she is…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

    play we see the colder side of Goody Proctor, and by goody he really does mean good; she is a very virtuous woman. When we meet her she is very suspicious of her husband as he had had an affair with the housekeeper, Abigail Williams, when Elizabeth had fallen ill (the argument). Although she has every right to be angry about the affair she bad mouths Abigail and drops little hints around town about the affair (Abigail talking to proctor in the beginning), she also constantly brings it up and…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor Religion

    In the Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the main characters learn that religion can help them through the hard times in their life. The setting takes place in the town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The main character, John Proctor has an affair with a young maid named Abigail Williams. John Proctor is married to Elizabeth Proctor. Elizabeth finds out about the affair and fires Abigail. This starts a fire which consumes the Proctors and the town of Salem. This affair made the citizens of Salem…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible Analysis

    of steel. All three of these definitions can describe Elizabeth Proctor, a character in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. In the play, Elizabeth withstood a large amount of trouble, or “heat,” and went through a hard trial or test in her life. A very high grade of steel can also describe Elizabeth because she is a “high grade” or admirable person. Within the play, Elizabeth Proctor is the best example of the three definitions of the word crucible. The first definition of crucible is a pot that can…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor Loyal Analysis

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play about witch trials in Salem. In the play, the whole village goes crazy about witchcraft. Abigail Williams accused that most of the innocent women in the village are witches. In this essay, I will prove that Elizabeth Proctor is a loyal, for justice, and jealous women. As it was said before Elizabeth Proctor is a loyal woman, even though John Proctor confessed lechery, she couldn’t put his reputation down. She lied in court when Danforth asked her if her…

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  • How Is Elizabeth Proctor Honest

    “He have his goodness now. God forbid I take from him!” These were the cries from Elizabeth Proctor in a attempt to save her husbands life and reputation. Elizabeth was known as the woman who could never tell a lie but, being the wife of the towns most notorious dishonrable outcast is starting to make Elizabeth lose her reputation and her freedom due to accusations of witchcraft. In comparison between Elizabeth Proctor and myself we have many similar traits such as being caring, loyal, and…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor And Greed In The Crucible

    greed, lying and wanted people dead. The main girl that wanted people or a person dead was Abigail Williams. She wanted Elizabeth Proctor dead so she will be John Proctors wife. John and Abby had an affair and Abby wanted Proctor to be with her for the rest of her life. So Abby went with Tituba and all the other girls to the woods where they danced and was making a love charm for whoever they loved. After that they did not want to get caught so they lied to the people in Salem and this is what…

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  • Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible Essay

    The play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller discusses Puritan life during the Salem Witch Trials. Elizabeth Proctor is thrust into the trials when a young, vindictive, Abigail Williams accuses her of witchcraft. Elizabeth’s character shows the value of a name in Puritan America. As a woman dedicated to her family life, Elizabeth is moved to act because of her love for her husband John. Miller introduces Elizabeth Proctor as a woman with an unfaithful husband. Abigail Williams calls her “sickly,”…

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  • Abigail Williams And Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

    different ways. John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail Williams are just a few of the characters. Abigail Williams, who is one of the main characters of the play, is the protagonist of the play. She causes most of the problems the town of Salem sees. John Proctor, tries to stay out of everything, but is dragged into it after his affair with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, is completely innocent, and is only impacted by the things that take place in the town of…

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  • How Has Elizabeth Proctor Changed

    In the beginning of the play Elizabeth Proctor was caring towards her husband but as the play went on she began caring less about her husband. In these next few paragraphs I will be writing about my feelings towards Elizabeth Proctor. I will also discuss whether or not my feelings changed throughout the different acts, and what my final thoughts were at the conclusion of the play. In act two while talking to the Judge Elizabeth Proctor states, “It is her dearest hope, I know it. There be a…

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