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  • Mary Warren In The Crucible '

    Mary Warren is one of the characters that change the most throughout the text due to the specific events that occur around her. At the beginning, she accepts being whipped because they knew that witchery was a hanging error but Abigail’s threats and throwing blame around eventually causes Mary Warren and the other girls to join in on the blame. Mary Warren, however, tries to remain objective to her service family, which is seen when she denies the conviction claims of Elizabeth Proctor, shown when she tells Elizabeth she was “somewhat mentioned. But...said...never see no sign [Elizabeth] ever sent [her] spirit out to hurt no one, and seeing I(Mary Warren) do live so closely with [her], they dismissed it.” However, Mary Warren was fine with…

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  • Mary Warren In The Crucible

    characters will tell lies to preserve their reputations or to save their own lives, potentially endangering others. Even though confessions to crimes they did not commit could tarnish their reputation, they realize they would never be able to amend a reputation from the grave. For this reason, several characters in Miller’s The Crucible, including John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Mary Warren, are willing to take several different although equally drastic measures to protect their own name.…

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  • Description Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    According to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Mary Warren is a normal, frightened girl in the town of Salem. The whole town is in fear of witchcraft after many girls were found committing “strange” actions in the woods. Now, the court will hang anyone that denies actions of witchcraft. The chaos of blaming in Salem becomes a problem for people of all ages. This makes Mary eager to tell what really happened in the woods, but is encouraged otherwise by other peers. The somewhat shy and reserved young…

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  • Examples Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    wrong? Mary Warren, from Arthur Miller’s famous play The Crucible, did this exact thing. The play is set in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, where the town is abuzz with rumors that certain individuals are bewitched and under the control of the Devil. Mary Warren, a servant girl who works for the Proctor family, knows that the girls making these accusations are lying, but when called upon to testify to the court, she freezes. Mary struggles to speak coherently and then tells the entire town…

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  • Dynamic Characters In Mary Warren

    Salem’s Dynamic Mary Warren A dynamic character is defined as one who undergoes significant changes that all contribute to the overall plot of the piece. This serves as why over the course of a novel, play or poem, one may notice the specific transformations of certain characters. In the play The Crucible a specific character who goes by the name of Mary Warren, is a victim of the multitudinous witchcraft accusations. Warren uptakes a pivotal role in the town when it comes to witchcraft and the…

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  • Mary Warren: Accused Of Witchcraft

    Mary Warren is one of the Salem girls that was being accused of witchcraft. She was a “seventeen [year old], subservient, naive, lonely girl” (Miller 17). She was accused of being involved in witchcraft by being with Abigail Williams and the other two girls she hung out with. Mary Warren was not a witch it was just the people that accused her of being one that made other people start to actually believe that she was a witch. For example, Mary Warren was one of the girls that was dancing in the…

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  • Characteristics Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    said by Mary Warren in The Crucible. This quote represents Mary by showing that she is a follower. In the end, Mary Warren let peer pressure get to her. She followed the group of girls lying about the Salem Witch Trials. I believe Mary Warren and I have similar personality’s because we both are hard workers, followers, and can be sneaky at times. Mary Warren and I are both hard working. I work very hard doing after school activities. I balance doing cheerleading and marching band and try to do…

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  • Effects Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    effects. The environment effects Mary Warren in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It is based on the true story of the Salem witch trials. The trials occurred in 1692, playing a major role in American History, as it caused the accusations and deaths of several innocent people as they were accused of witchcraft. Mary Warren played a crucial role in the allegation of the virtuous people in Salem as her lies spread throughout the town convincing the court to accuse many innocents. She also…

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  • How Is Mary Warren Presented In The Crucible

    began by Senator McCarthy gaining knowledge of communist sympathizers. Through Abigail, Marry Warren, and John Proctor the narrator…

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  • The Crucible Mary Warren Character Analysis

    Reverend Parris- Reverend Parris is the reverend of Salem, whose daughter is known to be bewitched while being involved in the bonfire incident with other girls from the village. Throughout the play, Reverend Parris is not a very powerful character since many people from the community do not seem to like him. Reverend Parris cares a lot about his reputation and seems to be influenced by others’ opinions. 5. Mary Warren- At first, Mary Warren was seen as a nervous, scared girl, who was involved…

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