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  • Mary Warren In The Crucible

    characters will tell lies to preserve their reputations or to save their own lives, potentially endangering others. Even though confessions to crimes they did not commit could tarnish their reputation, they realize they would never be able to amend a reputation from the grave. For this reason, several characters in Miller’s The Crucible, including John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Mary Warren, are willing to take several different although equally drastic measures to protect their own name. In Act I of The Crucible it quickly…

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  • Examples Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    wrong? Mary Warren, from Arthur Miller’s famous play The Crucible, did this exact thing. The play is set in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, where the town is abuzz with rumors that certain individuals are bewitched and under the control of the Devil. Mary Warren, a servant girl who works for the Proctor family, knows that the girls making these accusations are lying, but when called upon to testify to the court, she freezes. Mary struggles to speak coherently and then tells the entire town…

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  • Dynamic Characters In Mary Warren

    Salem’s Dynamic Mary Warren A dynamic character is defined as one who undergoes significant changes that all contribute to the overall plot of the piece. This serves as why over the course of a novel, play or poem, one may notice the specific transformations of certain characters. In the play The Crucible a specific character who goes by the name of Mary Warren, is a victim of the multitudinous witchcraft accusations. Warren uptakes a pivotal role in the town when it comes to witchcraft and the…

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  • Effects Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

    effects. The environment effects Mary Warren in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It is based on the true story of the Salem witch trials. The trials occurred in 1692, playing a major role in American History, as it caused the accusations and deaths of several innocent people as they were accused of witchcraft. Mary Warren played a crucial role in the allegation of the virtuous people in Salem as her lies spread throughout the town convincing the court to accuse many innocents. She also…

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  • The Crucible Mary Warren Character Analysis

    Reverend Parris- Reverend Parris is the reverend of Salem, whose daughter is known to be bewitched while being involved in the bonfire incident with other girls from the village. Throughout the play, Reverend Parris is not a very powerful character since many people from the community do not seem to like him. Reverend Parris cares a lot about his reputation and seems to be influenced by others’ opinions. 5. Mary Warren- At first, Mary Warren was seen as a nervous, scared girl, who was involved…

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  • Essay On Mary Warren In The Crucible

    Though not extremely obvious at first, it becomes prevalent that the character Mary Warren in The Crucible, by Arthur Miller holds true to these philosophies, and changes her motives throughout the book in order to benefit herself and tear down others. To begin, Mary Warren begins to take different action in order save her good name in the town. After the girls were caught dancing in the forest, Mary’s panic can be seen coming out when the girls are discussing what to do. As all the girls…

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  • Mary Warren In The Crucible Analysis

    mass hysteria, but some are more to blame than others. The character Mary Warren is more to blame than the character Abigail Williams because Mary is easily manipulated, has switched sides during the trials, and was not forthright with evidence. Mary Warren is more to blame for the prolonging of the witch trials than Abigail because she is easily manipulated. In Act Two, when Hale and Cheever are questioning Mary about the poppet, Mary Warren questions herself about making the poppet. This…

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  • Mary Warren The Crucible Essay

    girls of Salem. One girl in particular, Mary Warren, is especially subservient, timid, and overlooked. After the trials begin, however, a spotlight seems to shine on the girls, only enhancing their craving for power and control over the lives in the town. This power, however, leads to the death of many innocent lives, and Mary realizes the tragedy of this reality. Mary Warren, unlike most of the girls, displays her courage, not cowardice, during the Salem Witch trials when she urges the girls to…

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  • Mary Anne Warren: Infanticide

    Mary Anne Warren- Infanticide In history, with the exception of people not wanting children of Spartans and others along with certain genders, infanticide has almost always been looked down upon. The rights of a human are always greater than that of an animal, even though they might be “potential persons”. Relating to that, I argue in this essay that Mary Anne Warren does not defend her 2nd infanticide argument (“merely potential persons do not have a moral right to become actual-or none that…

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  • Mary Warren Characterization In The Crucible

    the bus to save your name, or would you sacrifice it and be selfless? In the play, The Crucible, seventeen-year-old Mary Warren struggles with this idea.. Mary is described as a subservient, lonely, and naive girl. (Act I) Mary Warren lives in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1600’s. At the beginning of the play, Mary and her friends are accused of dancing in the woods and possible calling of spirits. From this accusation, came a large investigation of possible witchcraft. Once this began, Mary…

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