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  • Masculinity

    Masculinity as a concept is attributes, gender roles, and behaviors associated with being a boy or man. It is clear that there is pressure put on adolescent males to embody masculinity in all aspects of life. From playing on a sports team to dealing with bullies Kindlon and Thompson (2000) explain the urge a male feels to mask feminine traits. Perhaps it is because of the pressures of an androcentric society, but it is not shocking these traits are still viewed as less than. Due to the fact men and boys learn different gender roles that are not healthy they suffer. Masculinity connects to gender socialization due to boys lacking emotional literacy, and struggling with emotional intimacy. Emotional literacy as defined by Kindlon & Thompson (2000) is the ability to read and understand emotions and those of others. Many boys are discouraged from developing these skills, therefore lacking the ability put a name to emotions, recognize expressions, and understand situations (Kindlon & Thompson, 2000). This is also connected to Kindlon & Thompson’s (2000)…

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  • Essay On Masculinity

    side of the coin are cats. There is a stigma that emerges when men and cats are together. Many of the guys I know, myself included, live in a household with a cat in it. This often results in the awkward situation of what to do when the cat comes up to you; if it had been a dog there’s no question in what I would have done, but when it is a cat, your masculinity is in question. Both teenagers and adults alike may spend hours trying to decide if one thing or action is “masculine” or…

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  • Masculinity Framework

    committee members for their support during this project. Suggestions provided by all of you helped me produce reorganize the dissertation into a more streamlined argument, primarily that Bronies are changing contemporary concepts of masculinity, well as building a new masculinity framework. Advice provided by all members gave the insight to concentrate on the masculinity issues facing the fandom and removing the editorializing parts that detract from the overall argument. Much of the…

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  • Okonkwo Masculinity

    Being masculine are pertaining to characteristics of a person that in alternative words is masculine apparel. Having qualities historically ascribed to men, as strength and boldness. Masculinity is all about being robust and muscular. When obstacles reach their approach they fear of being failures. Within the earlier society men were depicted stronger. This where the thought of being muscular came from. It is vital for men because they do not want to be seen weak as it does not go with their…

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  • Masculinity In The Odyssey

    Translated by Samuel Butler. Ancient Greek culture was based heavily on masculinity and idolizing the actions that cause people to be seen as heroes. The Greeks were constantly fighting, whether it be with themselves or with others. Mythology was another important piece of everyday life. Naturally, literary works started to combine the fighting and mythology to create stories of heroes that everyone wants to be. An example of these works is Homer’s The Odyssey. The Odyssey is a story about a…

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  • The Bridge Masculinity

    ‘There are many different ways of being a man’ How far do you agree with this statement? I strongly agree with the statement ‘There are many different ways of being a man’, as Miller represents masculinity through contrasting characters; such as Eddie and Rodolfo. Miller portrays Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, as a traditional valued man. Eddie’s status as head of the Carbone household is apparent through his various statements such as “you’re savin’ their lives”, “now don’t get…

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  • Masculinity In Australia

    The media presents a feminisation of masculinity, determined by the ‘soft labour’ men engage in to provide for their families, now seen as ‘the most valuable form of masculinity in our globalised world’ (Judd 2012), referring to the office and technical work common for men since the decline of manufacturing (ABS 2012). A study of gender practices of primary school boys found nurturing behaviour was encouraged by families and was seen as a form of masculinity by the boys involved (Bartholomaeus…

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  • Masculinity In Subculture

    Haefner also interprets inclusive masculinity in subculture allow for identity exploration. He notes the importance of communities that foster identity construction because they give young people the space to experiment with their identity and challenge traditional gender norms: While impossible to generalize across the diverse array of subculture, let alone specific scenes, subcultures have provided space for young men to challenge hegemonic relationships. In fact, participants in some scenes…

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  • Masculinity In Powada

    The conception of masculinity that results in this clear division of gender roles. The role of procreator is closely tied to masculine sexuality. Having children emerged as a universal sign of masculinity. Many people think that to have children is an important part of fulfilling the responsibilities of men in the family. Interestingly, this men agreeing that having a male child is important. It is possible that this is because many men view having a male child as the woman’s responsibility…

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  • Masculinity In Balconville

    In fact, as his wife Irene is ready to leave for her work as a waitress, Johnny frustratingly laments that she should quit her job (96). Although Johnny tries to emulate masculine hegemony, he is ironically unable to provide for his family as he is emasculated by his wife who is the breadwinner of this relationship. Moreover, as Johnny shares a beer with Tom while sitting on the steps in front of his home, he complains that the people at the U.I.C are “all separatists” and that “if you’re…

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