Feminist theory

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  • The Feminist Theory

    Feminist theory is often misunderstood and considered to focus on an inherent goal to promote superiority of women over men. Instead, feminist theory seeks to magnify forces that support and encourage inequality, oppression and injustice and replace it with equality and justice for all oppressed people, especially women. Historically, women’s point of views has been excluded from social theory and social science, therefore, feminist theorist such as Patricia Collins and Gloria Anzaldúa have focused their work in sharing their experiences and interactions within society to help develop an understanding of social forces, relations and issues that impact women and women of color in a white-male dominant world. I will explore how standpoint theory…

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  • Feminist Social Theory

    Introduction This essay will discuss the meaning behind the Feminist Social Theory from various sources on definitions and explanations. Following this it will also conduct the understandings within the workings on Marxism theories and Michael Foucault. With their theories behind their own meanings and understandings on Feminism Social Theory. However, with comparison to the workings of famous Feminist sociologist, Simone de Beauvior, being well known feminist theorist and being engaged within…

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  • Radical Feminist Theories

    Hooks’ approach to capitalism, power structures and feminist movement in this text suggests she is a radical feminist. Here, she aligns conservative and liberal feminism with bourgeois ideology, a concept which occupies much of her criticism throughout the book: “It is no accident that feminist struggle has been so easily co-opted to serve the interests of conservative and liberal feminists since feminism in the United States has so far been a bourgeois ideology” (8). Radical feminism seeks to…

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  • Feminist Disability Theory

    This essay will be discussing the four domains of feminist disability theory, which are; representation, body, identity and activism. This essay will discuss the feminist responses to these specific four issues with supporting quotes and evidence from the reading and an article in attempt to define concepts, to critically interrogate them and highlight hoe these issues are framed in feminist though and activism. Representation of feminism and disability has in many cases been catagorised as one…

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  • Theories Of Feminist Ethics

    Feminist Ethics challenges us to revise, reformulate and rethink traditional ethics to the extent it devaluates women 's moral interpretations. Among other feminist thinkers that will be discussed in this essay, Alison Jaggar faults traditional ethics for letting women down in many ways. Significantly it shows less concern for women 's as opposed to men 's issues and interests and overvalues culturally masculine attributes such as hierarchy, domination and transcendence. Whilst undervalues…

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  • The Labeling Theory And Feminist Theories Of Crime

    Derived from the social reaction theory, the labeling theory deals with how offenders react to how society classifies them in which seems to influence further offending as well as more extremely. According to Tibbetts (2012), the theory assumes two perspectives about the people labeled; negative labeling of those living in lower class or minorities and they have no choice but to conform to the theory referred to as hands-off policy. The hands-off policy was convincing in the 1960s and early…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Feminist Theory

    Introduction “Feminist theory recognizes the existence of multiple experienced realities, based in different vantage points, and supports women and other oppressed groups in the formation of their own self understanding and life aspirations (Robbins, 2012, p. 108) . Debating on whether I wanted to tackle the long and ongoing debate, and often misunderstood theory of feminism, was a decision I have decided to face head on. Taking on the assignment of my last theory essay to challenge myself…

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  • Feminist Theory Of Domestic Violence

    The theory I have decided to connect domestic violence with would be feminist theory. My reason for choosing feminist theory would be that when doing my research on domestic violence is that in fiscal year 2015, Mississippi law enforcement officers responded to 10,411 domestic violence calls, an increase of more than 170 calls over fiscal year 2014. (Sun Herald 2016). There are five waves that come from this theory. Another reason why I have chosen this theory is because 1 in 4 victim of…

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  • Feminist Standpoint Theory Analysis

    The Resilient Relevancy of Feminist Standpoint Theory Nancy Hartstock’s (1983) Feminist Standpoint Theory possesses resilience worth noting. Published in the early 1980’s, it emerged from a volatile intersection of politics and culture and economics, the era of Reagan and Thatcher and The Invasion of Grenada, Reaganomics, the rise of laissez-faire neoliberalism and trickle-down economics, Star Wars SDI Program and the outbreak of AIDS, the failure to pass an Equal Rights Amendment and the Sex…

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  • Feminist Theory In Social Work

    Identify the theory from those discussed in class between January 21st and February 25th that you believe will most strongly influence your orientation to professional social work. Explain what draws you to this theory (2 pts); As I embark into the adventure of social work, I am confident that my passion for advocating for women will shine through in everything that I do. Orchestrating changes through empowerment and knowledge of accessible tools is something that I feel an obligation to do in…

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