Ferdinand II of Aragon

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  • The Tragic Marriage Of Ferdinand II Of Aragon

    Ferdinand II of Aragon was married to Isabella of Castile in October 1469 in Valladolid. The two did not get married out of true romance and love towards each other, but were wed for the political opportunism. Their marriage was never light and happy but was more dark and troubled. Ferdinand was constantly fighting on the Castilian and Aragonese fronts to try and show authority over the nobles, causing much separation during their marriage. Although they weren't romantics, Isabella still gave birth to many children for him. First came Isabella, named after her mother, then a girl named Juana, also called Juana the Mad. Following her was Catalina, and later Maria. After these children the separation continued and Ferdinand sought out the comfort…

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  • Christopher Columbus Research Paper Outline

    Stockdale, 1794. Christopher Columbus with his sons, Diego and Ferdinand, and a woman, engraving by I. Stockdale, … Prints and Photographs Division/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (digital file no. LC-USZ62-106029) In 1484 Columbus began seeking support for an Atlantic crossing from King John II of Portugal but was denied aid. (Some conspiracy theorists have alleged that Columbus made a secret pact with the monarch, but there is no evidence of this.) By 1486 Columbus was firmly in Spain,…

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  • King Ferdinand's Discovery Of America

    Before King Ferdinand II sponsored one of the most legendary expeditions within the history of mankind, he had his mind set on finding a western sea route to Asia, China, and India. However, King Ferdinand never would have guessed in his wildest dreams that he would stumble onto something greater—the New World. Although King Ferdinand died centuries ago, his memory is forever immortalized around the discovery of America, along with Christopher Columbus, the legendary Italian explorer. Soon after…

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  • How Did Christopher Columbus Change The World

    Christopher Columbus was a young man who is credited by society to have “discovered” the new world. Columbus was born in 1451, about 40 years before he would discover the new world. He moved from his homeland to portugal where he married Felipa Perestrello. In 1480, he fathered a child with her, Diego, and when she died, he fathered another son with Beatriz Enriquez de Arana, with which he named Fernando. Columbus had started sailing since he was a teenager. By the time he decided to find a…

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  • Summary Of Christopher Columbus: The Four Voyages '

    brave and so-called heroic explorer. Laurence Bergreen, a historian and biographer wrote,“Columbus: The Four Voyages” which analyzed Columbus’s actions and decisions during his travels. Turns out Columbus isn’t as heroic, courageous and honorable as everyone thought. He used people for his needs, pressured them about Christianity, enslaved many and most importantly, genocide. The rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castille sent Columbus and his crew to find the…

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  • Case Study Of Shackleton

    Shackleton Case Study: Was He a Successful Leader? Summary In late 1914, the ship Endurance, left the port of South Georgia Island for their final stretch to their South Pole destination. Sir Ernest Shackleton, their illustrious leader, had been at sea before and had even attempted this perilous journey prior to this sailing. Shackleton was starting this journey with renewed vigor as he could sense this would be one of his last chances to accomplish his life-long goal of traversing the southern…

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  • Christopher Columbus, Álvar Núñez Cabeza De Vaca

    Indians as strong, had knowledge of agriculture, and showed little signs of civilized beings. As time passed with living with the Indians, it was time to “track down the Christians”, Cabeza de Vaca said, only to later betray them since he was still fulfilling his sole purpose of coming to the land. Even though, the periphery in Christian minds was to be rid of these Natives, in which represented evil, but not in the mind sets of Cabeza de Vaca and Casas. As a result of the process of cleaning…

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  • Christopher Columbus/Diego Columbus: Great Voyage Of Discovery

    Christopher Columbus /Diego Columbus, Spanish Diego Colón was born 1479 in Porto Santo, Madeira Islands the oldest son of Christopher Columbus When his father managed the great voyage of discovery in 1492, Diego was made a page at the Spanish court. When his father’s died in 1506, he began a long struggle to regain his father’s former privileges in the Indies. Diego’s marriage to María Álvarez de Toledo, niece of the duque de Alba, the cousin of King Ferdinand, worked in his favour, and in 1508…

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  • Essay On Spanish Inquisition

    The obscured Spanish inquisition took place from the years of 1478 through 1834. Isabella I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon established this rule to overthrow the previous Medieval Inquisition. In connection of overthrowing the Medieval inquisition, the current Monarchs Isabella I and Ferdinand II of Aragon became suspicious of the Crypto-Jews. Crypto Jews were Jews who "converted" to Catholicism but were secrectly practicing Judaism. Not only was this inquisition intended to overthrow the…

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  • How Did Ferdinand And Isabella Influence The World

    “The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.” Well, Ferdinand and Isabella weren't exactly a fairytale, however they were much more than a married couple in rule of Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella, together, were efficient, strong, and effective rulers. They had major contributions and influenced lives today. Sponsoring Columbus’ voyage, creating the Spanish Inquisition, uniting Spain’s largest kingdoms, and kicking the Muslims and Jews out of Spain. Their biggest impact was…

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