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  • My Husband

    When I imagined getting married I thought everything would be great. My husband would have a regular low-key job like me, we would stay in one area, and we would be with family. The marriage would not be perfect (because no marriage is) but we would have each other. In the end know I would know that my significant other is relatively safe in his boring job, and knowing he would be there every night was all I wanted. However, a spouse that came home every night is not what I got. I got married to a military man, and although I am not too shocked at how our life is, it is very different from what I wanted. I remember seeing television shows about military wives, and all those commercials about veterans. I also remember watching the news, and barley paying any attention to the status of what was going on in Iraq. There was always heartbreaking stories of those who had soldiers oversea, how some would appear on talk shows crying and carrying on about how much they missed their loved one. I was unaffected; it was not as though I did not care about how much these families felt. It was only that situation was not happening to me. I did not have a son or brother or sister or wife in Iraq so it was meaningless commiseration. I would tear up from time to time, think of these sad…

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  • Husbands And Wives

    THE DIVISION OF WORK WITHIN HOUSEHOLDS Article 1: Husbands' and Wives' Satisfaction with the Division of Labor Author(s): Mary Holland Benin and Joan Agostinelli Source: Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 50, No. 2 (May, 1988), pp. 349-361 Published by: National Council on Family Relations Stable URL: Accessed: 02-07-2015 09:01 UTC Introduction A study was conducted among dual employed couples to know their satisfaction level of division of labour within the…

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  • Husband And Wife By Stetson

    The author Stetson presents a relationship between a husband and a wife, when the wife lives under the whole control of her husband. She represents a typical representative of female society in that time. She even says, “John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage” (Stetson, 1). She understands her position in life, to be a submissive, while men look at them as pointless or silly people with no opinions. Stetson clarifies that much of John’s patronizing and paternal behavior…

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  • Are Wives Object To Their Husband?

    Should Wives submit to their husbands? “Wives, submit to your own husband as to the Lord, for the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the savor of the body. Now as the church are to submit to Christ, so wives are to submit to their in husbands in everything” Ephesians 5:22. The Bible states that it says that wives should submit to their husbands. But what if a wife is a type of person who will not submit? There are more people who think that wives should…

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  • Mrs. Mallard's Husband

    Mrs. Mallard felt relieved when she found out that her husband was no longer alive. Even though she felt secretly pleased, Mrs. Mallard gave the impression of mourning. Feeling trapped for quite some time while her husband was alive, Mrs. Mallard was now not under the power or control of her husband. Once Mrs. Mallard heard that he was dead, she believed that she was finally free. By the end of the story, Mrs. Mallard, herself, was dead and seemingly got what she deserved from karma. Richards…

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  • Husband Vs Wife

    An anonymous individual once said that, “A good wife with a bad husband can manage a home, a good husband with a bad wife will ruin a home, a bad wife with a bad husband is death, but a good wife with a good husband is life entirely (choose wisely).” Any relationship either between family, friends, or particularly spouses can be negative or positive regardless of whether there are social, political, or environmental factors, and personal or financial situations. Writers like Theodore Roethke,…

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  • John's Oppressive Husband

    Another instance where John proves to be insensitive to his wife would be when she builds up the courage to speak to him about her fears and leaving their “vacation home”. John answers her by saying “What is it, little girl?”(Gilman 93) this is not how the modern husband would respond to his wife considering they would be about the same age. In continuation, the narrator says “John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage” (Gilman 85). In the average marriage a husband would not…

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  • To My Dear And Loving Husband

    The poem, “To My Dear and Loving Husband,” by Anne Bradstreet represent both her love for her husband and the Puritan beliefs of love between a married couple. “To My Dear and Loving Husband” are organized into three quatrains composed of four lines each or two sets of rhyming couplets. The poem uses iambic pentameter throughout and occasionally breaks it to emphasize shifts or important ideas in the poem. For example, the line, “The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray,” breaks the pattern…

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  • Injunction Against The Husband Essay

    4.4 Application for Injunction Against the Husband It is to be noted that a husband is required to treat his wife with kindness whether by action or by speech in compliance to the Quran . Al-Qurtubi (d.1273) has also quoted that a husband’s obligations towards his wife is to pay dower and maintenance to his wife, not frowning his wife for no reason, not speaking to his wife in a harsh manner and not to disclose his tendency to other woman other than his wife . Hence, using the Quranic verses ,…

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  • Anxiety: From The Wife To The Husband

    a little smidge of depression to add on. The author is a regular young married woman who lives her normal life with her husband, but unfortunately another guest. The type of guest who comes unwelcomed and you can’t deny their entry into your home and life. Neither one of the home tenants want the guest to show up but they have learned they have to accept that the guest will show up and need to learn how to deal with it. Personally I love this essay from the Wife to the Husband because I can…

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