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  • Knocking The Hustle Analysis

    In Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics, Lester Spence examines the predominance of neoliberalism in Black communities. He challenges policies over the last forty years, which produced profit under the guise of community development. Spence finds that the neoliberal policies have the worse impact on Black communities. This paper will argue that because of the idea of the hustle, charter schools, and Black political actors, urban Black communities remain tied to poverty because neoliberalism deprives dependent communities of resources in the false hope of the private sector or market using their resources to help society. In my high school, the term “scammer” held and still holds an insulting connotation. Spence…

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  • Hustle Flow Journey

    Incredibly moving, Hustle & Flow is about pimp and drug dealer who struggles to make a living in Memphis Tennessee. The main characters of the movie is D-Jay, Shelby, Skinny Black, Key and Nola. D-jay, a pimp and a drug dealer, who hopes to end his illegal occupations and become involved in the hip hop industry. D-Jay seems too old and far too nice for his profession, and his "hos" seem to take notice. D-Jay represents a lifetime of failed dreams, ambitions, and wrong turns. It seems as if it…

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  • The Hustle-Personal Narrative

    I didn’t understand at the time what was going on. What the hustle was, why we were moving houses or who those people were. When we were leaving the train ride, as I remember wasn’t that great either. It was crowded and smelled bad, and you could hardly move. I clung to my mom the whole time. “Momma. I don’t think this.” I said “I don’t either honey, but there’s nothing we can do.” For I don’t remember how long the ride was, nor who the lady was yelling, but I remember it scared me, and what…

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  • American Hustle Feminist Analysis

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence was receiving less profit than her male co-stars in the movie ‘American Hustle’, she was only receiving seven percent of the profit, while her male co-stars get nine percent. The fact that she didn’t even knew about it was rather appalling. Women in today 's modern society are facing inequality at their jobs. Precisely like unequal pay, sexual harassment, and terrible maternity leaves. They work the same job and get paid incredibly less than their male co-workers.…

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  • Do Your Side Hustle Analysis

    HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY BALANCE YOUR SIDE-HUSTLE WITH A 9 to 5 Let me be honest, you can still be popping with a 9 to 5. There is nothing wrong with benefits, 401k plans and a consistent paycheck. However; who says Girl Bosses can’t have side hustles while stomping up the career ladder! Working for yourself is great but let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. Sometimes people get caught up in their own excitement that they forget to tell people the real story behind entrepreneurship, Everyone’s…

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  • King Fu Hustle Movie Analysis

    The movie King Fu hustle is a foreign made action film revolving around Kung Fu in what appears to be the 1920-1930s. It also covers every theory of crime that we discussed all semester in the film from Lombroso’s to Marx they can all be applied to this movie The main protagonist of the movie are Sing the Kung Fu masters and the residents of pig sty alley, While the main antagonists are the AX gang and the beast. The first set of theories that we can apply to this movie are the last set of…

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  • Uber Advertisement Analysis

    While I sitting on the couch watching TV and grading, an advertisement for Uber popped across my TV. The advertisement was remarkable in a few ways. First rather than trying to encourage consumers to use their product, it was recruiting employees. Second, the campaign was built around the slogan “get your side hustle on.” I focus on two different ads for Uber. The first titled “It 's Time,” features a montage of clips of various individuals driving for Uber. The voice over tells the story of…

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  • Racial Stereotypes In Sports

    Stone, Perry and Darley (1997) demonstrated how the racial stereotypes can affect our assessment of the athletes’ performance and how our description of the athletes can demonstrate confirmation bias of racial stereotypes. They studied the effect by asking the participants to rate the attributes and performance of the players after listening a radio broadcast of a basketball game. The white players were perceived as exhibiting less natural athletically ability but more “court-smarts”. The black…

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  • The Cocaine Kids Analysis

    introduction followed by a brief character description of each person (Max, Charlie, Kitty, Suzanne, Splib, Masterrap, Jake, Chillie and Hector). The second chapter reflects on how the cocaine empire, built by Max, is constructed as well as how the business is conducted. Chapters three and four exhibit personal relationships and goals of each member of the drug ring. Here, Williams is able to show the readers how each character views success, the standards needed to measure up to their possible…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Spoiled Brat

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