The Inequality Of Women In Today's Modern Society

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence was receiving less profit than her male co-stars in the movie ‘American Hustle’, she was only receiving seven percent of the profit, while her male co-stars get nine percent. The fact that she didn’t even knew about it was rather appalling. Women in today 's modern society are facing inequality at their jobs. Precisely like unequal pay, sexual harassment, and terrible maternity leaves. They work the same job and get paid incredibly less than their male co-workers. Although it may take years, women deserve to have full equal rights as men. The first feminist movement was primarily focused on equal voting rights and that was around the mid-1800s through the 1920s. Whereas the second movement was focused on equality …show more content…
The idea that the workplace is unbiased is a threat to the progress that companies other businesses that were trying to achieve. However, women made development as an international workplace, but the improvement is losing drive. The wage that women make seventy cents for every dollar may not be the financial actuality, but the wage equality for similar lines of work, is alertly, seventy-two percent. Female workers in the same lines of work as men are still failing to earn as their male co-workers. When people claim that women are only paid less in general because of the alterations in the industries they choose, is completely false. Furthermore, women of color are receiving even less pay. African American women earn sixty-four cents every dollar, whereas Hispanic women earn fifty-two cents every dollar. According to Sergan (2014), Bitch (feminist magazine) manages to give full-time and part-time employees – all of whom are women – healthcare, maternity leave, and the “Bitch minimum wage” of $15 an hour, “If Bitch can do it, why can’t you. Women are the most likely to get sexually harassed more than males at work. According to the sexual harassment support (a nonprofit group for victims of sexual harassment) there are only fifteen percent of victims of workplace sexual harassment report these defilements to their employers because of the fear of …show more content…
There is a book name “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, which discussed about gender being in the workplace. Critics’ criticized about how Sandberg was urging women to adapt to the damaged system instead of demanding corporate America adjust to women’s needs. For Sandberg cynics is that business leaders across America are busy building a feminist workplace that allows women to thrive in their careers without having be involved too much. One of the biggest problems is employers not seeing women as individuals. Due to many companies not listening to their female employees, they left and started their own companies. Most of them are three times happier than they were when they working for their previous employers. Some may argue that women should get paid less because men do the harder work physically. While the women who do the harder work mentally, get paid less. Even others may say women are more emotional and irrational when it comes to make big decisions at companies compared to men.
Therefore, women deserved to be treated equally in the workplace. Henceforth, if the women are doing their job, as equally as men, then why can’t women get paid and treated fairly. The employers should enforce this matter, if not, then it’s the ladies’ job to enforce these ideals of equality. It may take time to achieve this equality, but we women certainly need it

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