Women And Equality In The Workplace Essay

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Women And Equality In The Workplace

Gender Equality is the most common issue which has come across at the workplace in which women are treated inferior than the other men employees. It has been noticed than women are being paid less than men, and there is a male-dominant crowd in the workplaces. For no reason women are set apart when they are equally intelligent as men. It is very casual that women are also capable of doing a particular job as men. Gender discrimination in workplaces are fallacious assumptions and must be stopped because women are just as productive as a male employee is in doing an allotted task.

Females should not be treated inferior than male, mostly when they have the similar, if not better capability to do work as the males. Reports say that women are better in academics than men, but still organizations ignore this
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Many men tend to have the mentality that a women should not be in the leadership position. Having such mentality is wrong because many women demonstrate the best skills, experience and knowledge which are necessary for leadership job roles.

The ratio of women graduating from the college to that of men is increasing and they are also been offered with comparable salaries to enter into the workforce. Gender equality at the workplace can be achieved when people are offered with same rewards, resources and opportunities. Many countries have been making significant progress towards gender equality in recent times, specially in education, health and women workforce participation. The main goal of gender equality at the workplace is to achieve equal outcomes for women as well as men. To achieve gender equality following things are needed to be kept in mind:

Workplaces to offer equal pay for comparable value of work
Removing barriers for women towards full participation at

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