Women Inequality In The Workforce

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Women Inequality in the Workforce
Charlotte Whitton once said “Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not so difficult.” Discrimination of women is a very real problem all around the world. Women are protected from gender-based discrimination in the workplace by federal laws enforced by the Unites States Employment Equal Opportunity Commission, the USEEOC. Though these laws are in place, many companies or workplaces find ways to get around them. Because women are often thought of as the weaker sex, that is most often the reason for these gender-based discriminations. Though women are thought of as weaker and are generalized as not being able to produce the same results as a man, women
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These “weaknesses” lead to fewer hirings in many fields. In this paper, I will argue the aforementioned topics are a few of the unfair factors that cause women to be less predominant in the workforce. Women are considered inferior to men for many different reasons. Pregnancy, family, appearance, and physical ability are just a few of these reasons. Many businesses find family and pregnancies a problem for women because they assume that women will put family before work and divert their attention from their duties at work to their duties at home. Appearances affect women much more in the hiring process. A more attractive woman could get hired over a woman with better qualification if the employer thinks that she might be able to bring in more sales. In the same moment, a more attractive woman may not be hired because of the fear of sexual harassment in the workplace because the number of males greatly exceeds the number of females. Physical ability is also a big part of women inequality in …show more content…
Woman are being held back for things that either cannot be helped, are just simply part of these women’s lives, or do not apply to these women at all. Ending discrimination of women in the workforce is very long overdue. Understanding that women who are fighting for the jobs that they are fighting for have more than likely weighed the consequences of being in positions that are very time-consuming and have come to the personal decision that they are still very suitable for the job. If the light continues to be placed on the subject of the discrimination of women in the workforce and women in the everyday world, there is hope that the conditions and barriers placed on the entire gender as a whole can be changed for the

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