Discrimination Of The Gender Pay Gap In The Workplace

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Gender Pay Gap

Historically gender pay discrimination has been more prevalent in our working world, as women have been seen to be inferior to men especially in the work place, hence the believes that women should get less for work done regardless of how much of the work they have done compared to the men as the role of the man is in a work place while the woman’s primary role is to build the home. This believe though not scientifically proven, but rather a human believe that women are less capable of delivering on work than men, hence believes that men deserve better pay than women. The existence of this believe then brought about the need to better understand the factors that are causing the discrimination against women in the work place
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Should this trend continue, the gap between the average incomes for women compared to the men will continue to widen. The assumption that women tends not to be interested in promotions also contribute to them not being considered for promotion in the work place, resulting in them being left behind when it comes to being considered for better paid positions. This unconscious stereotype is continuing to create the widening gap in the pay disparity between men and women. In some case at the entry level during recruitment, women are sometime overlooked for certain positions because of the gender without taking into consideration their suitability for the role, also women tends to lack behind men in regards to progression at the work place due to their work and family life situation. This can be attributed to the major factor affecting low level of women in management position in most organisation, though this has narrowed in recent years, this is down to government legislations on the matter. Other signs of gender discrimination can be found at the top echelon of some organisations, …show more content…
The role of government in entrenching the right of women in the work place will go a long way in reducing the gaps we currently see within the work place. Also the recognition of women in relation to family life as it affect their position within the work place. Though we know that changes towards how women are treated in the work place will not change overnight, much is need to see that the right of women are protected and guided by legislations. By ensuring that this are put in place, we should be looking at the reduction in gender pay gap from what it is currently to a reasonable figure in years to come. Also women have a major role to play in this, as they should stop seeing themselves as inferior to men in the work place and at any opportunity take up higher paid position whenever the opportunity presents

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