Annotated Bibliography Of The Gender Wage Gap Essay

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A Lopsided Fortune Scale: Annotated Bibliography of the Gender Wage Gap
Fixing a societal mentality can be difficult to change. Therefore, narrowing the gender wage gap can be quite challenging to achieve. When topics, such as the benefits men have over women, are mentioned, gender discrimination fills the minds of the population. This occurs because people take into consideration the fact that the gender wage gap occurs in every state, happens in nearly every occupation, affects all levels of education and race, and grows with age. As of today, women make up 47 percent of workers, they receive more college and advanced degrees than men, yet on average, still make less than men do (Lukas). Although women can get just as much of an education as men, apply for any job they sought, and be guaranteed equal pay because of the Paycheck Fairness Act, irregular pay still exists between men and women. A known circumstance in relation to the gap is that “Full-time working women don’t work as many hours as full-time working men…because they are more concerned about time poverty than relative wage poverty” (Crittenden). College majors, part-time occupations, childbirth, lack of paid leave, and more contribute to the earnings that women receive less of in comparison to men.
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