Argumentative Essay On Gender Pay Gap

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Whether it is religion, sexuality, race, or even music taste, people are constantly finding ways to discriminate by differentiating people from each other. One element is gender pay gap--ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, women were always proven to be insignificant compared to men. Gender pay gap plays a negative role--socially, economically, and politically. Although the gender pay gap is a widespread problem that cannot be completely eradicated, society should be giving more of an effort into taking small steps to solving the problem so the future generations could benefit from knowing what is right -- by solving one of the most unfair stigmatized elements in society.
Over the course of history, women were affected from gender pay gap;
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Families with women who don’t earn enough money Although men and women are usually well-educated for work, women’s chances of acquiring a job same as men are slim. Wagner claimed, “There is little to no difference in education when it comes to males and females, so that rules out the possibility of educational level being a cause of the gender pay gap. However, there is a noticeable difference in the fields pursued by males and females. Women are less likely to obtain degrees in engineering, science, math, and technology, a fact which leads to lower pay than men.” Wendland points out that women actually gain more than people think; the need for change, changes taken, and the establishment of new rules for women has already taken place. However, it doesn’t mean that men are not affected from the inequalities of gender roles. Males are also affected when the females of their families are affected from gender gap income. They are affected when their wives, grandmothers, sisters, mothers, and other females in the family get fired, don’t get enough income, and don’t have access to benefits. This means that if a woman loses approximately $523,000 in her lifetime, the male or males in her family lose this portion as well (5-6). With the heavy weight of unequal distribution of wealth between the sexes, women lose hope into becoming what they want to be in the

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