Gender Pay Gap Myth

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The Gender Pay Gap Myth

The gender pay gap myth is something that is controversially talked about constantly. Many claim that there is a gap in pay between the different genders. This is simply not true. There is a perfectly good reason why women tend to earn less than men. Not because they are discriminated against but because they tend to choose less lucrative career paths. Also, if there was a gap in pay, companies would exploit this and only hire women. Furthermore, women who have children will take time off which results in missed training opportunities. To reiterate, the whole idea of the gender pay gap is painfully misinterpreted due to confirmation bias. When you look at the issue as a whole, and not just the one side, it becomes clear
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Women work in lower-paid sectors than men do. There isn’t a gap in the pay between genders that do the same job, but a gap between the pay of the jobs that each gender gravitate towards. As a matter of fact, 90% of women are employed in the lowest-paid jobs . This is the reason why women earn less, not because they are paid less for the same job, they gravitate towards lower paid work. Common jobs for men are jobs like software developers, construction and computer system operators; women gravitate towards jobs like nurses, primary school teaching and human resources and administration. Now, if we were to compare the median salaries, we would quickly come to the realisation that men are the ones who choose to work in higher-paid work. Actually, why don’t we compare the statistics? An average salary for the jobs that women work in most, previously listed, in chronological order of job is £31,000, £23,000, and £25,500. For men the median salaries, in chronological order of job, are $36,000, £34,000 and £31,000 .So as you can see, it is down to the job that women pick. Full-time employment is defined as 35 hours a week. The reason why women might not earn as much as a man is because women, on average, work fewer hours than men .Additionally, men are also the ones who work the more dangerous jobs. Generally, more dangerous jobs equate to more money. Therefore, the reason why men …show more content…
When women take time off when they have a baby they miss many opportunities to advance in their current position. This includes training opportunities and also less work experience which in turn, will result in a missed job promotion. The whole idea that the gap in pay is from the result of gender discrimination is incredibly inaccurate and incorrect. In the UK, you are allowed to take 52 weeks of maternity leave . Now, do you not think this will have a significant effect on the women who take the vast majority of this? When women take time off for maternity leave, men, in the meantime, will be taking advantage of all the training programmes they can eat up. Not only will they be taking advantage of this, they will have surpassed the women who were previously on the same playing field as them and will be more qualified for higher-paying jobs. You cannot expect to get a raise or job promotion when you have been off work for an extended length of time. Furthermore, when women take time off work as a result of childbirth, they can make a comeback to the workforce. However, many women do not return for a career but instead, a job which will make just enough to cover the bills. This will limit potential income as women will not be inclined to go for the promotions as they do not want a career, they just want a job. This will mean the mother will be less likely to get a well-paying job

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