Argumentative Essay: Are Women Paid Fairly?

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In America, one tends to think both women and men are paid equally, but women are paid less than men even at the exact same job. According to the article, “The Wage Gap 2014” in 2012 as full time workers, men made $854 per week while women only made $691, a gender wage ratio of 80.9 percent. The pay gap is larger than most people realize even with both a man and a woman having a college education. This has been an issue for America since 1868 and still is not resolved today. With women working the same jobs as men, it is only fair that they should be paid the same as the men working with them. By comparison, the pay gap in America is larger than most realize at almost a quarter difference between men and women. Based on the article, “Are Women Paid Fairly? 2013," in The United States of America, women only earn 76.7 cents for every dollar a man earns. This article truly puts the issue into a money prospective how terrible the pay gap is for women in the …show more content…
The article, “Equal Pay Act of 1963” says, “The issue of equal pay has legislation in the United States dates back to 1868.” Equal pay has been an issue for years and we still have not fixed it. Businesses are saving a small portion and letting women feel as if they are not as useful in the work field as men. The article also states, “By nineteen sixty-three, over twenty states had laws on the books protecting equal pay. . .” The pay gap has become smaller since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed, but the pay is still far from equal for women in comparison to men. In the United States of America if there is any type of injustice or inequality the lawmakers of the country fix it, but equal pay has been an issue since eighteen sixty-eight and still is not resolved today in 2016. Today, women still feel lesser than men when it comes to the working field and in everyday life due to the biased ideas of corporate

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