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  • Employment Mediation

    Labor disputes can be a very tough procedure and the easier way to settle the problem is through mediation. Employment mediation is a method use to settle disputes between employer and employee in which both parties agree to include an impartial third party who will conduct the negotiations in order to attain a sensible settlement. A professional mediator job is to help participant in seeking an agreeable solution to an impending risky business condition. The mediator will aid the participants in looking at the weak point and strong point of their respective claim. This unbiased assessment will more likely lead to both parties to a settlement. This can also result to a more improved working relationship and efficiency levels. In cases where…

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  • Employment-At-Will Doctrine

    Employment-At-Will Doctrine: Employers in the modern corporate world are usually faced with numerous issues to address because of the changing nature of today’s business environment. These issues need to be addressed because of their impact on the relationship between employers and their employees. Some of the most common issues in employer-employee relationship include the use of social media in employment, personnel problems, insubordination, and probable invasion of privacy. One of the…

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  • Employment Discrimination

    I believe employment discrimination happened because I have evidence as it happened to me at my job now about a year ago. I know I was done wrong, I am and was angry, but mostly hurt and confused, violated and even fearful today afraid it will happen again as I just received another job to begin when school starts. A job posting became available that I was interested in at my work force. I had experience for this job from a previous position that I was rifted from about five years ago. Because…

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  • Employment Relations

    current state of employment relations in InterContinental Hotels Group PLC Employment relation is the legal link that is present between the employees and InterContinental Hotels. As InterContinental Hotels is a hospitality company it is most likely dependant on its employees to carry out their most of important activities. InterContinental Hotels is one of the most influential multinational company that has their business not only in united kingdom but also in other countries which brings in…

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  • Precarious Employment

    The historical inequalities and discrimination in work, has been illustrated in Canada`s contemporary system of employment. This paper will…

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  • Exceptions To Employment-At-Will

    “Employment-at-Will is a a doctrine in which both the employee and the employer can terminate the relationship at time and for any legally permissible reason, or for no reason at all” (Cihon, 2014). Exceptions to employment-at-will includes whistleblowers, public policy exception and implied employment contracts. A whistleblower is an employee who reports his/her employer’s illegal activities to the appropriate governmental entity or, under some state statutes, to the board of directors or…

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  • The Importance Of Employment Relations

    regarding the employment relationship between the employee and employer reveals that unitarist and pluralist methods can either be advantageous for the employee or employer to an extent. The employment relationship can refer to employment relations frameworks such as unitarist and pluralists, which can either benefit the employee and not the employer or vice versa. Depending on how organisations establish employment relations in being unitarist or pluralist there is always potential for…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Employment

    the “Certification” page the applicate only reads the first two or three sentences that reads as follows: “I certify that the information provided on this application is truthful and accurate. I understand that providing false or misleading information will be the basis for rejection of my application, or if employment commences, immediate termination.” Once the applicate reads this they in most cases go straight to the bottom of the page to provide their signature and either click submit or…

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  • Employment Discrimination In Canada

    Second, employment discrimination can occur in terms benefits to employee which is assign job assignment and the ability to get transfer and promotion. Usually, woman faces disadvantage in being hired for a good job, and once hired, they faced discrimination in terms of job assignment, job transfer and promotion. But, in an article written by Walani “Global Migration of Internationally Educated Nurses: Experiences of Employment Discrimination”, discrimination on benefits to employee not only…

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  • Cosmetology Employment Outlook

    Cosmetology is an exciting field in growing demand. This is good news for anyone wishing to enter into a career in cosmetology. You may be asking yourself some of these questions: What sort of careers are out there for cosmetologists? Who is hiring? Will I be able to find a job? Is their room for advancement? What kind of money can I expect to make? This article will answer these questions and more. "... overall employment of barbers, cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers…

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