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  • Employment Law: Duties And Responsibilities Of The Contract Of Employment

    TASK 1: Employment law is a law that regulates employments rights within employee, workers and independent contractors. However, the employment law gives the employee some legal enforceable rights which are contained in the contract of employment. Contract of employment is an agreement that exist between an employer and employee which specify their duties, rights and responsibilities (Government of UK (Gov.uk), 2014). There are certain rights of employee that are legally protected that means all employee have the act to seek assistance or advice to the law in ensuring that those rights are dully observed giving employee the right to receive compensation or relieve of any unjust oppression. The legal enforceable right of employee are the valid…

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  • Ethical Dilemma Of At Will Employment

    At-will employment, a term used in U.S labor law for contractual relationships in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason other than reasons due to race, gender, or ethnic background. Likewise, an employee may terminate employment for any reason. Offering very little legal rights to the employee post termination, the at-will doctrine has been criticized by many. Ethical questions surrounding at-will employment require in-depth analysis. Ethical Dilemma of At-Will…

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  • Importance Of Employment On Offenders

    challenges that face those individuals who are or have been under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. It is very imperative to note the importance of employment on recidivism rates of offenders. However, the U.S. economy is additionally affected by offenders and their employment rate. A study conducted in 2010 on ex-offenders and the labor marker found that having a felony conviction cause a significant reduction in an individual’s employment rate. Essentially, imprisonment is…

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  • Employment Relationship Essay

    PART 1 – THE EMS AND EMPLOYMENT 1. Employment Relationship is the relationship formed between an employee and employer. It is the agreement on the terms and conditions that the employee and employer are going to work together and how the employee’s working condition and environment will be like. This relationship is also governed by a number of laws to keep things fair and reasonable between the two parties. Table showing the different responsibilities that apply between the employer and…

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  • Impact Of Robots On Employment

    Impact of Growth of Robotics on Employment Robotics is the fastest growing industry. Other fields like healthcare, biotech and energy are not growing as much as robotics. Some people argue that robots are replacing human jobs, while some people say the robots will create new jobs, increase productivity, and raise the economy. In a work-based environment, employees cannot compete with robots in efficiently and productively. Employees have to work as a team to get success. Growth in robotics would…

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  • The Importance Of Employment Relations

    regarding the employment relationship between the employee and employer reveals that unitarist and pluralist methods can either be advantageous for the employee or employer to an extent. The employment relationship can refer to employment relations frameworks such as unitarist and pluralists, which can either benefit the employee and not the employer or vice versa. Depending on how organisations establish employment relations in being unitarist or pluralist there is always potential for…

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  • Unitarism And Employment Relationship

    Collin, 2006, p.267), whereas pluralism is mentioned to be: ‘the belief that the way to achieve good industrial relations is to acknowledge that various groups of employees have different requirements and make different demands, and that compromises have to be reached’ (Ivanovic and Collin, 2006, p.201). This essay compares and contrasts unitarist perspectives and pluralist perspectives. To do so, unitarism, pluralism and the employment relationship will be defined in more detail. This will be…

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  • Employment-At-Will Doctrine Analysis

    Employment-At-Will Doctrine: Employers in the modern corporate world are usually faced with numerous issues to address because of the changing nature of today’s business environment. These issues need to be addressed because of their impact on the relationship between employers and their employees. Some of the most common issues in employer-employee relationship include the use of social media in employment, personnel problems, insubordination, and probable invasion of privacy. One of the…

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  • The Importance Of Employment Diversity

    towards others. The employment equity act has been trying to achieve this. Employment equity act highlights the employment practices that represent women, aboriginals, people with disabilities, and visible minorities. It emphasizes fair employment opportunities, correction of disadvantages faced by the groups and accommodation of differences. It has been legislated in place from 1995 and over time there have been efforts to promote and enforce the act in many organizations, however, gaps still…

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  • The Employment Cycle Of IKEA

    1.0 INTRODUCTION The employment cycle involves an organization determining its employment needs in line with its business strategy. Once employment needs are established, it’s time to hire staff. Once staffs are employed, steps need to be taken to ensure employees are satisfied and productive. The final phase of the cycle is managing what happens when employees leave the organization. These three phases of the employment cycle firstly, establishment phase which means staff planning in…

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