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  • Empowerment In Workplace

    Employee Empowerment in the Workplace As humans we all strive for satisfaction, for support, and a desire to feel needed. The workplace is a primary example of how important it is to be supported and empowered by those around you and those in positions above you. The effects of empowerment are far bigger than one can initially comprehend. What does it look like to support your workers in their being, in their position and in their role in society? The implementation of employee empowerment in a workplace reaps benefits for business workers, owners and consumers through improved performances, an increase in customer satisfaction, and developments in brands and businesses. In Employee Empowerment, Employee Attitudes, and Performance: Testing a Causal Model, Sergio Fernandez has found that employee empowerment is positively related to performance (490). This performance can be measured in various ways. Empowerment, or “the art of giving authority to employees of an organization to settle and control matters affecting their daily activities at work” creates motivation and a sense of dependence in the workplace. The more motivated employees are by their bosses and of their own accord, the more likely they will succeed in their daily tasks. Motivation is a key component of improved performance due to empowerment as the authority given to employees allows them to take on new tasks and responsibilities. Through…

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  • Restorative Justice Empowerment

    Mix views have been presented regarding the research that has been conducted. Empowering processes such as participation, a say in the proceedings and healing for victims have been identified in several studies (Umbreit, Coates, & Vos, 2002, 2007; Umbreit, Vos, & Coates, 2005). In contrast, Zernova (2007a) has argued that empowerment is restricted for key stakeholders, ensuring power remained within the criminal justice system, to allow their agenda to be met. Aertsen et al (2011) also found…

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  • Strengths To Empowerment Analysis

    Strengths to Empowerment One of the most common approaches used today by social workers is the strengths based perspective. Often time when trying to solve a problem, the main focus is on the problem itself and by doing so, there is a focus on the negative aspects and what is wrong. The strengths perspective tries shifting the view of situations by focusing on what the client may bring to the current situation. It tries to focus on the present and what the future may hold rather than what has…

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  • Employee Empowerment Importance

    Importance of Empowering Employees for Success Employee empowerment is a fundamental aspect of any business leader and allows employees the authority to take initiative and solve organizational problems. Giving employees more authority will only lead them to yearn for more success and opportunity of advancement. This act can cause a team member to feel like they have more control over their position and make business decisions independently. Leaders in an empowered organization must still set…

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  • Empowerment In Movies: Water And Fire

    New look into Empowerment in the Movies: Water and Fire Empower can be termed as self-strength, control, self-power or your own decision making and fighting for one’s rights. With these ideas in mind, this paper shows women’s empowerment and challenge to the opposite dominant sex, displayed in Deepa Mehta’s films Water and Fire. Water "Water" concentrates on the social state of a woman in Indian society, especially on the social position of a widow. The film tells us about a small…

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  • Conception Of Human Empowerment

    Many years of research has solely been conducted over power and the effects of empowerment. Taking into consideration that there are many factors playing roles in the change of a person or environment, we start to take a glance at a few of the many options. Only a few of the many perspectives, were able to help determine one single question: Do people really change when they gain power? Through asymmetrical social distance, power constructs changes within the basic dimension of mental…

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  • Community Empowerment Paper

    Empowerment in regard to community settings is a shared movement to enhance the quality of life of individuals in a specific community. While organization empowerment, can be defined as systems that encourage member participation as well as reaching goals. The term empowerment is complex and develops over time, although it can deteriorate as well. On an organizational level, empowerment of individuals is developed from specific characteristics within the organization that foster feelings of…

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  • Female Bodywork Empowerment

    can be an especially empowering process, but for others, it can turn into an extremely damaging and ultimately disempowering experience, both physically and mentally. In this context I would describe empowerment as giving one confidence through the practice of active bodywork. This brings about the question; is female bodywork as it relates to physically…

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  • Social Structural Perspective: The Conception Of Human Empowerment

    Conception of human empowerment has been used across various fields such as community psychology, nursing, social work and management over the last two decades(). Traditionally, there are two theoretical perspectives when approaching empowerment: social-structural and psychological(). When presenting the social-structural perspective, you are essentially bestowing power onto another person, which is simple and easy to grasp. As for psychological empowerment, it is not as complex, but known to be…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership

    injustices in our world are so evident and what is needed is more willing hearts, minds, and hands to combat these injustices and show love to others. There is an urgency for individuals to identify these injustices and take action to address them. After researching the University of Glasgow I believe that my passion to create an impact in this world is something that I share with many of the students at UofG. My time at CNU thus far has been very empowering for me and I would love to have the…

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