Empowerment In Workplace

Employee Empowerment in the Workplace
As humans we all strive for satisfaction, for support, and a desire to feel needed. The workplace is a primary example of how important it is to be supported and empowered by those around you and those in positions above you. The effects of empowerment are far bigger than one can initially comprehend. What does it look like to support your workers in their being, in their position and in their role in society? The implementation of employee empowerment in a workplace reaps benefits for business workers, owners and consumers through improved performances, an increase in customer satisfaction, and developments in brands and businesses.
In Employee Empowerment, Employee Attitudes, and Performance: Testing a Causal Model, Sergio Fernandez has found that employee empowerment is positively related to performance (490). This performance can be measured in various ways. Empowerment, or “the art of giving authority to employees of an organization to settle and control matters affecting their daily activities at work” creates motivation and a sense of dependence in the workplace. The more motivated employees are by their bosses and of their own accord, the more likely they will succeed in their daily tasks. Motivation is a key component of improved performance due to empowerment as the authority given to employees allows them to take on new tasks and responsibilities. Through
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This can be seen as employee empowerment helps to create happy employees who then help create happy customers and happy customers in turn create a positive outcome for a brand and its development. Employee empowerment is beneficial for brand development as the power of advertising, rating, and purchasing, lays in the hands of customers. A company and its brand can continue to grow as long as it continues to keep, and gain,

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