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  • Sex Vs Biological Sex

    When we look at some one, the first thing we generally noticed is their sex. Humans are hardwired to determine one another 's sex. From an evolutionary standpoint, identification of the opposite sex for reproduction is imperative for success as a species. Sex is biologically determined at birth, sans a few exceptions. Gender on the other hand how someone defines their own sexual identity. In most people, there is not a variation from gender and biological sex, but when it does can cause strife for the individual as well as controversy within society. Sex is a concrete scientific term, and is determined by the presence of different sex organs in a living creature. A male has a penis and testes, while a female has a vagina, uterus, and ovaries.…

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  • Reflection On Sex And Gender

    Sex and gender may seem to go hand in hand but overtime I learned they are completely different. Our sex is biology, it is the biological characteristic that gives us our reproductive organs, where we are categorized into groups, male and female. James M. Henslin author of Essentials of Sociology a Down-To-Earth Approach explains gender best, “Gender in contrast, is a social, not a biological characteristic. Gender consists of whatever behaviors and attitudes a group considers proper for its…

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  • Casual Sex Analysis

    This article addresses the dynamic behaviors and the reaction between male and females when it comes to casual sex. Within society casual sex is usually a male thing and that women who part takes in these activities rather don’t discuss it. Causal sex is between two partners that are not established with one and other. The author Melanie takes an in-depth look into the sexual transition between the sexes. Melanie thoroughly looks at how young Canadians find the in having casual sex. In 2005…

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  • Sex Differences In Gorillas

    Introduction: Differences in metabolic body-size between male and females can result in difference in feeding strategies (Harrison, 1983). Individuals feed to meet their energy requirements; larger animals have larger energy needs than smaller conspecifics, hence they must feed more (Harrison, 1983). This study was designed to gain a better understanding of sex differences in feeding in Gorillas. The main focus of this study is to assess whether males or females spend more time feeding. It is…

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  • Sex Differences In Jealousy

    The study examined the cheating from the two different types that have been found to be most prevalent which is the emotional and sexual aspects. This study used the social structure theory to base their experiment on. “The social structure theory states that most of the sex differences in mating preferences occur because most societies direct men into more advantaged social and economic positions compared to women” (Kennair& Norideide& Stronen,2011). Due to this the theory is trying to say that…

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  • Sex And Gender Analysis

    One could say that the majority of the population usually associate gender with sex, however, gender and sex are quite distinct from one another. According to the text, gender are acceptable roles or behaviors that are established within each societies that are delegated to males and females that are sometimes according to their specific sex. It is basically behavioral rules and regulations that are installed in society that are deemed the norm. Sex on the other hand is the biological…

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  • Single Sex Classrooms

    The Hidden Issues behind Single-Sex Classrooms Growing up and going to school in a small Catholic parish, there was a lot I experienced that plenty of others have never had to do before. For example, during summer, all females were expected to wear a skirt with dress shoes. Females also were not supposed to have their hair cut any shorter than below the ear. That was only a small snippet of it all. Young girls in class would always play with their Barbie dolls or talk about the newest episode…

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  • Same Sex Classrooms

    When living in a generation that is all about changing for the better, what is next; what is the expectation of future education? What can we consider when needing an enhanced form of learning? Same sex classrooms are beneficial for all ages, especially the age range from kindergarten to sixth grade. If we begin to implement this form of schooling in our classrooms, all future generations will prosper in the world of intellect. A large portion of our learning has to do with the environment…

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  • Sex Survival And Samurai

    Sex, Survival and Samurai By Kirby Winslow War changes people and not just the those involved with the fight itself. War has a rippling effect on everyone, even the friends and family left behind at home. In the 1964 film entitled Onibaba translated as “Demon Hag”, writer and director Kaneto Shindo tackles the hardships of wartime on the homefront in this iconic japanese horror drama. It can easily be considered as an antiwar film, but after a closer gander and a deep dive, one can see that…

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  • Sex/Gender Binary Analysis

    The notion of a sex/gender binary has not been historically around for a relatively long time. In fact, the belief that only males and females should exist in society was not a relevant topic until the late eighteenth century. The Age of Enlightenment paved way for sex dichotomy and was succinctly explained by Harold Garfinkel’s Studies in Ethnomethodology written in 1967. In this seminal text, he creates a summary of the laws of gender that the sex/gender binary heavily relies upon. These laws…

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