Sex-selective abortion

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  • Korean Sex Ratio Analysis

    Korean sex ratio • In 2007, Korean announce to be the only country that able to bring a normal sex ratio that restore equal birth total for boy and girl. • Monica Das Gupta, the demographer that was hired by the World Bank, and she was sent to Korean to do research about Korean succession on balance sex ratio. • In 2009, she reports Korean succession that it’s because the economic development and new gender-sensitive policies is what weaken sexist value. • Also report that because of the increase in urbanization and education that gradually destroyed social structures and value that underpinned son preference, which thus bring change to the social norms that lead to a reduction of son in Korean. • Also state that because Asian giant country…

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  • Root Cause Analysis: Female Infanticide

    The objective of this assessment is to identify a social problem in the international context, determine the people affected, possible causes of the problem and who may benefit. After the assessment of the problem, a plan for advocacy can be designed to address the issue. As an international social worker, working for a non-government agency, my organization would address female infanticide, specifically in India. Infanticide and feticide encompasses the murder of newborn children or sex…

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  • China Population Growth

    control population growth has led to many issues. The government 's One Child Policy was the cause of the many issues within the population such as decline in birth rates, unequal sex ratios, gender imbalance, and population growth. In China’s efforts to control population growth, sex selective abortion cases have increased. Consider the 2011 murder of a seven month old baby. In Beijing, a woman was seven months pregnant with her second child when several people entered her home and took her…

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  • Female Infanticide Research Paper

    Because of the lack of value that practices like female infanticide due to son preference in countries like India, female children in orphanages are less likely to be adopted. Because of this, it is for more likely for unwanted female children to become lost in the system. Female children are far less likely to find a home, because they would be seen as a financial burden to a large number of families that could potentially adopt them. Also, because females are seen as having such little value…

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  • Ethical Issues In Abortion Research

    Modern technology has advanced in such a way that has allowed for safe abortions to be carried out. An abortion is the premature termination of a fetus before it is born, but is an immense debate in the world of medical ethics. There is no clear cut answer as to which side of the argument is correct, as the debate dives into many grey philosophical areas, such as what is considered a person and how much autonomy should play a role in such a controversial decision. In modern China and India, the…

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  • 163 Million Missing Women Analysis

    Ultrasounds allow for individuals to view the sex of the fetus prior to birth. In developing nations, ultrasound examinations are required of expecting mothers. If the baby were to be a girl, the pregnancy would immediately be terminated. Because these machines allow mothers to view the sex of the child while still in the womb, it has lead to an increase in gender feticide. As stated in the “It’s a girl documentary”, “20,25, to 30% of girls are being killed by birth”. In India, it was reported…

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  • Son Preference Case Study

    government uses international treaties to craft national legislations to enforce its policy or regulation. The China’s Beijing Women Conference in 1995 was a new journey, for the interaction with INGOs and the prevention of unlawful human rights practices in the PRC. Collaboratively with INGOs and national government, program targeting vulnerable women and girls have been a way of empowerment for equal justice, established prevents the China’s traditional son preference practice. Explained Li…

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  • Similarities Between Genetic Screening And Abortion

    The Link Between Genetic Screening and Abortion Pregnancy screenings are essential to providing adequate care for pregnant mothers and fetuses. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) (2014b), several screenings are now recommended as routine prenatal care for all pregnant women. Health care providers may use the information obtained from screenings to identify and manage any complications that may arise during pregnancy or birth. One such routine screening…

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  • Satire Essay On Abortion

    Abortion In our society we have become stupendously crazed with rights, as well as being politically correct. Whether talking about domestic pets or wild animals, there will be a tremendous out cry if they are hurt or treated badly. Even with all of this the unborn child is not protected. Instead of looking at abortion as the solution for an unwanted pregnancy, I believe a person should be looking for the solution to abortion. In the modern world we live in today, there are many different…

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  • Analysis Of Robert Agnew's General Strain Theory

    In India, there should have been about 3million more girls in the country but due to female infanticide and sex-selective abortions those 3million girls are in a sense missing. It is obvious that female infanticide has made an effect on India’s populations. In 2011 for every 1000 boys there were 914 girls and even though the ratio is increasing because of sex-selective abortions becoming more popular, without female infanticides to begin with there would be a far smaller disparity between males…

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