Sex linkage

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  • Common Fruit Fly Experiment

    is located on the X chromosome, causing it to be sex-linked. The v;w mutation is vermillion on the X chromosome and brown on an autosome, chromosome two. These two mutations block the two pigment pathways, the eyes of the fly end up being white in the F1 generation, while the F2 generation will show eye colors of white, bright red, brown, and brick red. This is because while in the beginning, the mutation may be homozygous for vermillion on the X chromosome, it will lead to offspring in the second generation that will not be homozygous for both mutations, causing the assortment of eye colors mentioned. The last two mutations, bw; st, are both mutations found on autosomes, which are chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes. Found on chromosomes 2 and 3, the F2 generation of flies will have eye colors of white, bright red, brown, and brick red. This is due to the fact that again, both mutations block the two pigment pathways, causing offspring to have eyes of various colors. The biochemical pathway that controls the eyes of fruit flies are the brown pigment pathway and the red pigment pathway (Mitrick, 2010). If both pathways are open, the fly will express a brick red eye color, if both pathways are blocked, the fly will have white eyes, if the red pathway is blocked the fly would express brown eyes, while if the brown pathway was blocked, the fly would express scarlet eyes. When looking at the experiment, it was noted that the sex linked mutation expressed only brick red, or…

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  • Essay On Color Blindness

    Color Blindness is defined as the inability or decreased ability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions. Color blindness is also referred to as color vision deficiency. In the United States alone there are about three million cases noted per year for color blindness. This disorder seems to affect men more than it does women. It is estimated that around eight percent of males and a little less than one percent of females are diagnosed in the United…

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  • Dosophila Fruit Fly Experiment

    the stage of the microscope. After this is done, one fly was observed at a time by moving one of the flies into view by using a brush. By looking at the Drosophila melanogaster the phenotype and sex was observed by looking for particular characteristics. A female fly can be distinguished from a male because she has stripes and males have dark underbellies. The wings were also examined and were determined to be wild type or vestigial mutant. Wild type had wings that were long, circular, and…

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  • Gregor Mendel Character Traits

    about our existence and create diversity. This diversity arises from the fact that there are different forms of genes known as alleles. All the alleles of an organism are referred to as that organism’s genotype and results in an organism’s phenotype, or physical appearance (ie. Widow’s peaks are a human phenotype that results from the genotype ww)2. To study inheritance of genes, Mendel used a punnett square to preform monohybrid crosses in which one character trait (i.e. eye color) is studied…

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  • Procter And Gamble Short Story

    Gamble My mind was a crystal vase that contained only one desire, which was to win. I slumped back into my red leather chair, as the Slots machine again stole my money, it was my sixth loss in a row. The big flashing red words of “LOSS” on the digital screen and the loud voices of joy fed on my insecurities. I was sitting here bleary-eyed and unshaven in front of this wealthy machine, but I was only adding to its wealth, as I slowly munched through the family’s life savings. I just spent 2 hours…

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  • Huntington's Disease Summary

    understand the disease, investigations were done to identify the gene that is linked with the disease. Some of the common approaches to do this was linkage analysis and positional cloning often involving the use of polymorphic DNA markers to identify the best candidate gene that can…

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  • Biological Contributions To Sexual Orientation

    Sexual orientation is one of the largest sex differences in humans. While the vast majority of the population is heterosexual, there is a small portion of people that are bisexual and heterosexual, who are attracted to the same sex. According to Freberg (2015), sexual orientation is “a stable pattern of attraction to members of a particular sex (p.344).” In this research paper, I will briefly discuss the biological contributions to sexual orientation. We will first discuss the contributions of…

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  • Love And Sexuality Analysis

    The history of love and sexuality is one of complicated circumstances in which many historians have both agreed and disagreed on the foundation of ideals that shaped it. In order to study the history of love and sexuality one must first look at how modernity shaped gender, marriage, emotions, and sex. Modernity which Matt and Stearns would define as the period in which the “rise of science, some political systemization, and some of the beginnings of industrialization” began to appear, marked the…

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  • Sexualization Of Girls Essay

    I am currently in a group for Children’s media and the academic journal that I found was on the Sexualization of girls. This journal went over how sexualization is related to objectification because a lot of times men in society will see females as objects for them to rule over. “women and girls are both sexualized, via their tight clothing and makeup, and objectified, portrayed as existing for men 's pleasure and lacking in their own agency. There is not a parallel trend in which boys are often…

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  • Why Are Women Oversexualized Essay

    then she can wear that without having to be judged by anyone. Her responses to the comments made were valid. She said that once she says no, that means no. If she’s having a good time with her friends then she’s not even looking at any guy. How embarrassing is it that in 2016 a woman had to explain to two grown men what consent is? The female body is oversexualized. People shouldn’t be offended by human anatomy yet that’s all that’s being talked about when the situation arises. Kim Kardashian…

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