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  • Korean Sex Ratio Analysis

    Korean sex ratio • In 2007, Korean announce to be the only country that able to bring a normal sex ratio that restore equal birth total for boy and girl. • Monica Das Gupta, the demographer that was hired by the World Bank, and she was sent to Korean to do research about Korean succession on balance sex ratio. • In 2009, she reports Korean succession that it’s because the economic development and new gender-sensitive policies is what weaken sexist value. • Also report that because of the increase in urbanization and education that gradually destroyed social structures and value that underpinned son preference, which thus bring change to the social norms that lead to a reduction of son in Korean. • Also state that because Asian giant country…

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  • Sex Ratio Analysis

    In order to understand how to manipulate the sex ratio it is crucial to understand its composition. In 1979, China implemented the notorious ‘one child policy’ with the intent of reserving its dwindling resources (CBC News). However, when parents were faced with the dilemma of only having one child, they often favored a boy for work and financial purposes. If they had a daughter it was common to get an abortion, neglect her at birth, or give her up for adoption. Now China has lifted the…

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  • Climate Change

    begins to migrate, or changing the location of where they spend their migratory season. Another example can be the rate at which a plant ages, or otherwise known as phenophases of the plant, and how they can be either lengthened or shortened in terms of time. As a result of progressive climate change, phenological changes are becoming more apparent in the world. In some cases of phenological shifts, an organism can directly affect their genealogy due to the climate change. These specific…

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  • The Elastic Heart In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Furler had been acclaimed for writing the song “Elastic Heart” for the blockbuster movie Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The music video features the young, talented Maddie Ziegler dancing with Shia LaBeouf in a beautiful performance that depicts the internal struggle of the free spirited child and the restrained adult. However, within moments the viewers and the audience began to lose sight of the artwork and began to exclaim in horror of the so called “suggestiveness” that the performance held…

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  • Abortion In China

    Most Asia countries have male-biased sex imbalance resulting in a deficit described to as missing women. In China there has been a steady increase in the number of “missing women” Qian states that “an estimated 48.4 percent of the population in China and India are female”1. Most of the missing women in the world are in India and China where it is stated there is an estimated deficit of close to seventy million women. The sex imbalance has been documented in richer Asian countries like Taiwan and…

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  • The Negative Effects Of China's One-Child Policy

    “I begged your dad’s family to keep you. But your grandma said no. I said ‘it’s fine to have a daughter.’ But your grandma wouldn’t budge,” (Mudd). China’s policy was so strict to a point where they forced many families to abandon their daughters. Their boorish acts led to more than 100,000 girls being placed into foster care. Amongst these numbers, the law also prevented over 400 million births. One of the most significant effects of the policy has been on China’s sex ratio. China has a grossly…

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  • Missing Women In China

    Liping had told me so many wonderful things about China, but I wanted to know about the harder times. I decided to do further research starting with the missing women in China due to the one-child policy, the education of Chinese women primarily after they have gotten married, and depression and suicide amongst women. The gender gap seems very evident; however, there may be reasons for this phenomenon. Erwin Bulte, Nico Heerink, and Zhang Xiaobo teamed up and wrote an article for the Oxford…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Non Medical Sex Selection

    Choosing the sex of a child is no longer a hypothetical issue. New genetic engineering technologies have rendered the ability to use non-medical sex selection, choosing between a boy and girl, through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. There have been many debates about non-medical sex selection, questioning whether or not it is an ethical procedure. Non-medical sex selection should not be an option within pre-implantation genetic diagnosis because it is an unnecessary decision that is not…

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  • Essay On The Designer Baby

    social aspects of the designer babies are that it enforces social standards of beauty and what’s considered the ideal human. Take a look at China and India, for example, have had a catastrophic sex ratio imbalance since 2005 when it was considered most devastating. The MIT Press Journals concluded data from the continents to determine how unearthing the sex ratio imbalance really is; Asia has the greatest imbalance, as taken from 2001 data from the U.S Bureau of Census, International Database.…

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  • China's One Child Policy Dbq Analysis

    completed. Also, the rate of children being born has decreased. "China had already achieved a remarkable fertility reduction, having the number of children per woman form 5.8 in 1970 to 2.7 in 1979, […] China's one child policy may have hastened a fertility decline that was already well in progress." (Document B). With the fertility decreased, the possibility of suppling families with the proper materials or feed each family food has grown to an immense issue. Furthermore, since children are…

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