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  • Sex Offenders

    In my opinion, sex offenses do receive special attention in the criminal justice system. I believe this because of laws that have been implemented in recent years that focus specifically on sex offenders, the way the public and larger community perceive them as a unique group, and the growing apprehension of the group due to the severe impact sex crimes have. The first reason I believe that sex offenses receive special attention is because of the strict laws and policies that have demonstrable consequences to those that commit them. An example is the introduction of the SVP legislation, "an SVP is defined as any person who has been convicted of or charged with a sexually violent offense and who suffers from a mental abnormality or personality…

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  • Sex Offender Essay

    The reality of being a registered sex offender comes with unfair and harsh consequences when having to live in a community with other residences. Sexual offenders come in various offenses and can commit a low level or high level sexually related crime. Based on the level of the offense most sexual crimes result in some length of incarceration or form of punishment. When sex offenders are released back into the community, it is the furthest thing from being free. A crime such as child…

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  • Sex Offender Research

    It is the purpose of this paper to educate readers about Sexual Offenders. The paper will provide an overview of: the definition, two types of assessment, special offenders, and registration and residency laws. This paper was created through the adaptation of different psychological journals and original works. “A sex offender is a person who has committed a sex offense, legally defined. Sex offending is a broader term, referring to a general “psycholegal” domain” (Richard I. Lanyon, 2001, pg.…

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  • Sex Offender Registry

    As with many social problems, the question of labeling a sex offender on a national registry is met with many different options. The different viewpoints of the offender, the victim, the family, and the administrators of justice must all be taken into consideration. This can make it difficult to disperse a clear and uninformed form of justice in these types of crimes. Being placed on the national sex offenders registry changes a person 's life dramatically and I feel the punishment should fit…

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  • Sex Offenders: A Case Study

    these crimes will often be mandated to undergo treatment as a means to lower their chance of re-offending. However, current models of sex offender treatment are not particularly effective, reducing recidivism by only 10% (Shingler, 2004). Lowering the recidivism rate for sex offenders is a matter of public safety, and therefore it is of vital importance that mental health practitioners and researchers continue to search for more effective treatment modalities.…

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  • Different Types Of Sex Offenders

    sexual encounters (Bonnar-Kidd, 2010). Many sex offenses go unreported. The majority of sex offenders are males with heterogeneous characteristics, and similar clinical needs (The Regent, 2016). Sexual crimes are rarely impulsive; the perpetrator has thought about the act ahead of time with a known victim in mind. Sexual offenders often justify their behaviors with denial, rationalizing, and minimizing. Pedophilia is a sexual disorder classified as a paraphilia (abnormal or unnatural…

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  • Sex Offenders Literature Review

    Registered Sex Offenders” in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, by Elizabeth Ehrhardt Mustaine and Richard Tewksbury (2011) volume 36, shows registered sex offenders are more likely to live in undesirable and socially disorganized communities (p.44) In today’s society sex offenders are publicly criticized, receive longer prison sentences, constantly monitor by police officers, subject to public notification and must complete lengthy public registration procedures. Sex offenders are…

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  • Sex Offender Registries Research

    Despite a lack of empirical data supporting sex offender registries and the life-altering effects they have on offenders, sex offender registries still persist today and with the public’s support. In 2001, less than ten years after the implementation of the registry, thirty-five Illinois’ policy makers were interviewed to determine their perceptions and evaluations of Illinois’ sex offender registries. Of the thirty-five only four stated they were confident that sex offender registries and…

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  • Sex Offender Monitoring System

    all of the sex offender data collected (nylr). Large sex offender monitoring systems are also almost impossible for law enforcement to monitor. A police captain in Georgia clamed it would take four officers working full time to properly monitor the database in one county. As sex offender registries grow it becomes increasingly difficult for law enforcement to distinguish between dangerous offenders and non-violent offenders (elib). This easily could lead to law enforcement agencies opposing the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sex Offenders

    Life or Death- Sex Offenders More and more accusations are being brought to trial. Many men and some woman are being put behind bars, they had urges to attack or sexually assault someone that could not fight back. It 's been happening all over the country, usually someone close to the victim. Sex offenders are showing their real colors, acting out on crimes that could potentially harm someone. Thesis; The history how it came to be such a controversial topic. What types treatments are…

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