Sex offender registration

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  • Marks For Sex Offenders Essay

    Distinguishing Marks for Sex Offenders A simple tattoo should be used to identify the sick minded individuals that have broken the natural laws of humanity. They should be marked on the facial area to allow those around them to immediately identify that person as a threat. Sex offenders are quite uncontrolled by changing their identities to evade police, therefore showing that observation after release is not the best solution. Another benefit of a distinguishing mark is that it would lower the ability to be disguised while acting as a predator. Finally, about 6% of released sexual predators reoffend and up to 25% of the offenders disappear without updating their registration. Sex offenders are a threat to society and there needs to be harsher punishments that identify them as the risk they pose to everyone around them. Sex offenders should be marked with a facial tattoo because they present hidden threats to those around them while showing no discernible visage of which to identify them as menacing in nature. Studies show that…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird: Movie Analysis

    watch it again. I do think it was good for me to watch because before I had seen this movie, I honestly thought that no sex offender should ever be released once caught. I know that that is a rough opinion to have, but this movie has positively changed my views about that. Walter has had a rough life. He was convicted child molester. He spend 12 years of his life in prison. He is now out and not friend or family wants to talk to him. I can imagine returning to the life outside of the bars is…

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  • Megan's Law And Recidivism

    program in the United States of America that is aimed at deterring the rate of recidivism for offenders who have been convicted of child-related offences. The essay will argue that the theoretical basis is inadequate to achieve the desired result due to the lack of focus on offenders and the negative consequences that all offenders encounter. In July 1994, Jesse Timmendequas, a twice convicted sex offender was charged for the rape and murder of Megan Kanke, a seven-year-old girl who resided in…

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  • Sex Offenders: Life After Prison

    Life after Prison When most people think of individuals that have been labeled sex offenders in their area, there is not much remorse or empathy felt toward them. All sex offenders are characterized as child molesting sex enthusiasts when in reality, that’s not always factual. When a person commits a crime qualifying them as a federal sex offender, their life has changed forever in the worst way. The magnitude of the crime is almost always irrelevant and treatment is level in the eyes of the…

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  • Sex Offender Registries Research

    Despite a lack of empirical data supporting sex offender registries and the life-altering effects they have on offenders, sex offender registries still persist today and with the public’s support. In 2001, less than ten years after the implementation of the registry, thirty-five Illinois’ policy makers were interviewed to determine their perceptions and evaluations of Illinois’ sex offender registries. Of the thirty-five only four stated they were confident that sex offender registries and…

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  • Adam Walsh Act

    Act. This topic was of most interest to me, being a victim of a sex crime I wanted to research and form an opinion. I want to know if the Walsh Act was truly seeking justice for the victims, or if this was another loop hole in the already complicated Criminal Justice system. Keywords: sex offenders; Adam…

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  • Different Types Of Sex Offenders

    2010). Many sex offenses go unreported. The majority of sex offenders are males with heterogeneous characteristics, and similar clinical needs (The Regent, 2016). Sexual crimes are rarely impulsive; the perpetrator has thought about the act ahead of time with a known victim in mind. Sexual offenders often justify their behaviors with denial, rationalizing, and minimizing. Pedophilia is a sexual disorder classified as a paraphilia (abnormal or unnatural attraction) by the American Psychiatric…

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  • Sex Offender Monitoring System

    all of the sex offender data collected (nylr). Large sex offender monitoring systems are also almost impossible for law enforcement to monitor. A police captain in Georgia clamed it would take four officers working full time to properly monitor the database in one county. As sex offender registries grow it becomes increasingly difficult for law enforcement to distinguish between dangerous offenders and non-violent offenders (elib). This easily could lead to law enforcement agencies opposing the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sex Offender Legislation

    having consensual sex with a 14-year old girl he met online. She led him to believe that she was 17-years old–one year past the age of consent in the state of Michigan. The girl and her family are impartial and take responsibility; they pushed for leniency. Despite this, the judge sentenced the college student to 90 days in jail, 5 years of probation, and required him to register as a sex offender for 25 years. Amanda Y. Agan at the University of Chicago defines a sex offender as an individual…

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  • Community Notification Definition

    Discuss how registration and community notification impact sex offenders and the community. Lasher and McGrath (2012) define registration as “the process of filing sex offenders’ identifying information with local law enforcement” whereas notification is defined as “how this information is released to the public” (p. 7). Identifying information includes such things as address, a current picture, and sexual offending history, whereas notification includes such things as having community meetings…

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