Sexual addiction

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  • Laaser Sexual Addiction

    Sexual addiction is a disorder that can have a causing distress to people of difference classes of their life and upbringing. Dr. Laaser, book Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, confirms that people are living a secret life of sexual addiction which some people know they have the problem, but a good amount has no idea what could be happening to them. The strangest thing to this addiction is that it is not happening to one group of people. It does not matter what a person economic background might be, it does not matter what a person racial background might be, nor this sin is not just on the sinner, there are many of Christians who fall in the category also (Laaser, 2004). Throughout this book, Dr. Laaser makes a point to let the reader know that when it comes to sexual addiction, some individuals will see this addiction as what it is as a problem, and some will see it something that someone should be able to take care of themselves without getting any help. There is no doubt that with the contents that is being displayed in todays, society is not making it easy for sex addicts. Anytime someone goes through any type of help, it makes it harder for the person fighting the addiction when every time they…

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  • What´s Sexual Addiction?

    Sexual addiction is quickly getting to be distinctly perceived as a noteworthy social issue with likenesses all the more notable to alcohol and drug addiction .Sexual addicts are the individuals who participate in determined and heightening examples of sexual conduct carried on regardless of progressively negative results to themselves and to others. Sexual addicts are spending hours reading and watching pornography with masturbation eventually becoming part of their activity. The internet has…

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  • Sex Addiction Vs Love Addiction

    Sex and love addiction is one out of eighteen titles that describes an addiction where love passion, or sexualized behaviors become more excessive and compulsive through. Sex and love addiction comprises love passion, love addiction, and sex addiction. Each of these concepts differs from one another in forms of excessive behaviors, meanings and patterns faced (Fisher, & Harrison, 2013). For this research paper, love passion and sex addiction information supports the understanding of the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Legalization Of Marijuana

    So therefore, is there was no consequences for marijuana, there would be no association with crime. Every year more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related accidents. About 600,000 are injured while under alcohol’s influence, almost 700,000 are assaulted, and almost 100,000 are sexually assaulted. About 400,000 have unprotected sex, and 100,000 are too drunk to know if they consented. The numbers for pot aren’t even in the same league. (Carroll, Aaron E) • Other than crime these…

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  • Battlefronts Research Paper

    MAJOR BATTLEFRONTS The author’s definition of battlefronts is the common sexual issues that can hinder a man’s journey towards God’s gift of sexual success. If the reader is not experiencing these battles then this chapter can provide insight to help others. Battlefront 1 – Abuse Besides sexual abuse, the author has included two other forms – physical and emotional. “To be a whole man your soul must be healed from past pain as much as possible.” (p. 36) In self-protection a child can pull away…

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  • Sex Addiction Research Paper

    What is Sex Addiction. Sex Addiction is a conceptual model that describes compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity, despite negative consequences. It is considered by its proponents to be the same thing as hypersexual disorder. Sex is powered by the brain, from lusting, thinking and reacting. Addicts tend to think about sex every day. Also, can convert back to being sexually abuse and feels the need of that high all the time. Sex addiction is real and causes people to act before…

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  • Trauma Research Paper

    some money on an investment. This person was very stuck – to the point of hardly doing anything. It would appear that this person has been really traumatized. Psychology Trauma comes in many forms from the simple abuse to the more over whelming events that may lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (due to psychological, physical, sexual, mental, social, religious, or some other kind of abuse). Different people react to trauma in different way. What hurts one person may not hurt another…

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  • Internet Addiction: Hamlet's Blackerry By William Powers

    November 2015 Internet Addiction Most people all over the world use Internet as an escape from reality, or from boredom. But how do people know if they have an Internet Addiction? In the book Hamlet’s Blackerry, by William Powers he says“ In fact, there’s a great deal of ongoing research about connective technologies and how they’re affecting individuals, families, businesses, and society at large” (17). Most people have different kinds of addictions, an addiction of some sort of crave or…

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  • Analysis Of The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

    Kafka probably felt hopeless during his life because he could not focus on his writings as much as he would have liked, his addiction to pornography, and his apparent lack of communication with his father. A lack of energy is another aspect of depression, and Gregor experiences this whenever he gets knocked down. His father kicked him through the door, to which he bruised and hurt his leg, but recovered. The second time his father threw apples at him, to which one lodged itself in his back and…

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  • Gambling And Pornography Research Paper

    We all spend too much time doing something; sometimes playing Minecraft or tweeting about a failed relationship and how much ice cream is being eaten. Another thing we might be doing too much of is eating or being a workaholic. If we spend too much doing those things, more than likely it is an addiction. Those aren’t normally considered one, but drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and gambling are. All of those combined aren’t nearly as harmful on yourself, others, and your society. One of the weirdest…

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