Sexual dimorphism

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  • Summary: The Evolution Of Hummingbirds

    They hypothesized that the difference in bill curvature between the sexes would be greater for the species with the longest bills and questioned if this dimorphism is formed through sexual selection or natural selection (Temeles, Miller, and Rifkin). This research is crucial because it could explain the diversity in hummingbird species and seeks to understand the forces that have and continue to shape the formation of…

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  • Buceros Rhinoceros: An Analysis

    Introduction The most recognizable characteristic in the Buceros rhinoceros is the casque above the bill. Buceros rhinoceros species are part of the family Bucerotidae which are omnivorous birds that defend a fixed territory (Kitamura, 2011). In this species we can identify sexual dimorphism. As it can be noticed by pure observation, there is a few differences between sexes. The most significant detectable variations are body and casque length. Adult males show both larger bodies and casques…

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  • Sexual Dymorphism Case Study

    Sexual dimorphism in body size between males and females helps contribute to both natural and sexual selection for reproductive advantage. However, it is not known why these differences exist in most species and how it may be controlled. Several case studies were performed on Sceloporus lizards, including those of male-larger species and female-larger species, as well as the Western diamond-backed rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, which is a male-larger species. The main question revolves around…

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  • Sexual Dymorphism In Biology

    Sexual dimorphism refers to a species distinct differences between the sexes resulting in distinct male and female forms. This is the sexual selection, adaptive changes in males and females often due to male competition and female selectivity. (Biology, Sylvia s mader and Michael winderlspecht pg 297 - 298). Usually this is the result of phenotype selection but, this is tied in with the selection of genotypes. Size and colorations of features in a mate may indicate features that are not readily…

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  • Drosophila Fruit Flies: Article Analysis

    The article described that transcripts initiated from the most distal P1 promoter (in the fru gene) are spliced differently in males and females thus making the fru gene a sexual specific spliced gene. This fact about the fru gene has allowed the author’s of this article to hypothesize that specific splicing of the fru P1 transcripts elicits male courtship behavior and sexual orientation. The article continues on to perform experiments (using mutant fru alleles) to determine if their hypothesis…

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  • A Summary Of The Effect Of Music On Maths

    The results showed that there was a significant effect of music on math. Participants who listened to music performed better than participants who completed the tasks without music. One possible explanation of these results is that participants who performed the tasks with music first felt the overall task was too long. As the participants started to inch towards the end, their attention began to dwindle. However, participants who listened to the music last felt a boost of energy once the music…

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  • Sexual Dimorphism: Basic Element Of Human Identity

    INTRODUCTION ` Human Sexual dimorphism as its basic element of identity is genetically determined and determines the natural path of social development and cultural heritage. Complementarity of the morphological phenotype characteristics and behavioral of the men and women is part of the genetic program of human nature-oriented implementation of the basic tasks to fulfill in life, which is to have offspring, which in turn is, related to its fertility. This consists of the ability to produce…

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  • Essay On Same Gender Classrooms

    Same - gender classrooms as the tool to successful learning It seems like every year now schools in America are facing some kind of a reform; among the changes, same – gender classrooms are making their comeback. Opponents of separating male and female students into different groups propose it will boost grades and improve test scores. They believe the main components single – sex classroom can provide on the road to success are: opportunity for boys and girls to learn differently, improvement…

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  • Female Reproductive Pros And Cons

    scholars have located the emergence of patriarchy in hunting, warfare, attributes of the local ecology such as resource stress, technological developments such as intensive agriculture, economic developments such as ownership of private property, social relations such as patrilocality and the exchange of women, and political developments such as centralized government.” Women had less resources than men, were controlled and had to take care of their offspring. Wood and Eagly continue by saying:…

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  • Gender Differences In STEM-Related Research

    Many high-paying jobs in developed countries are in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). For example, in the United States the average annual wages of STEM workers are significantly above the country average (Cover, Jones and Watson, 2011); STEM workers had 26 percent higher wages than their non-STEM counterparts in 2010 (Langdon et al., 2011). In Taiwan, of the top ten highest paying industries in 2011, STEM-related fields took eight places (Marginson et al., 2013).…

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