Sexual fetishism

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  • My Little Pony

    (roughly 10 years old) compares the fandom with gay subculture, illustrating how constructions of gender have been modeled for him. Bussey and Bandura suggest, “A great deal of gender-linked information is exemplified by models in one’s immediate environment such as parents and peers, and significant persons in social, educational, and occupational contexts.” His experiences with social relationships inform his perspective on gender performance, reifying the binary when he states, “I know that it’s not straight, not normal for a male to watch My Little Pony.” Accusations of homosexuality by friends, family, and complete strangers is one layer of allegations fans contend with, however, there are insinuations of zoophilia. Linking Bronies sexual practices with animals is an argument circulating against the fandom. One young man from Illinois recounts a coworker becoming visibly angry at…

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  • The Importance Of Thinking Of Painting Your Bedroom

    Thinking of painting your bedroom? What color are you considering? You may want to take a minute and think about your color choices and what they can do for you. Color can make an impact on you whether you know it or not and depending on how much time you spend in your bedroom, your color choices can affect you in a positive or negative way, all day, or all night long. If your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go into to get away from it all, then you may want to consider the color…

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  • The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

    Forster and Le Guin, in their short stories “The Machine Stops” and “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” respectively make many assumptions about human nature in regards to what people seek and value most. Both texts, set in Dystopian and Utopian futures, present the Marxist ideas of commodity fetishism, alienation and modernity as it relates to the human need for happiness, security and spirituality and/or religiosity. The futuristic worlds that both authors set up in their short stories deal…

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  • Expectations And Standards In Margie Piercy's Barbie Doll

    women follow them and affect for all their life. The poem Barbie Doll was written in 1936 however today in 2018 the pressure on a woman’s appearance is still the same. Peirce wrote “Doesn’t she look pretty everyone said. Consummation at last. To every woman a happy ending.” The pressure put on females is so heavy that even if their life is lost trying to fit in society will still not feel guilty for what they did. Stereotypes and the pressure put on woman have never changed and never will…

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  • Essay On Disposable Diapers

    Evaluation of the Diaper Have you had any children before? If you have had children before, then you know that you have to provide all of the needs for your baby. You have to feed them, clothe them, and you have to change them. Diapers are an essential need for your children. So knowing that diapers are an essential need for your children, then you probably have some questions about diapers, I might have some answers. Some of your questions might be what type of diapers should you choose, should…

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  • A Summary Of Capitalism By Karl Marx

    not allow for the worker to exercise their creative nature. Finally alienation is seen in today 's society because workers according to Marx, becomes alienated from humanity as a whole. “ the proposition that man 's species nature is estranged from him means that one man is estranged from the other, as each of them is from man 's essential nature”( Marx). Another concept Marx studied that we still see in modern capitalism is commodity Fetishism. A commodity according to Marx is a mysterious…

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  • Materialist Behavioral Analysis

    Our way of life is altered daily by the use and disuse of material tools. Materialist behaviour identified communally, individually, and globally. Materials used to suit the purpose of their function was justified, but furthered to develop an emotional and spiritual connotation. Through modernized contextual behaviour associated with such material, the use of the function became conceptualized to influence greater than the being of the physical world. Emotional relationships developed with the…

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  • Essay On Cloth Diapers

    Disposable Diapers vs Cloth Diapers During my life time, disposable diapers have become accepted alternative to cloth diapers. As a parent, grandparent or caregiver, you need to know about the diapering options in order to make the choice for yourself. This paper offers information on cost and environmental concerns to help you make your choice. There are no easy answers to the question of which diaper is best. Your choice will depend on how you use diapers, on whether you face any…

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  • Disposable Diaper Debate

    Diaper Debate When my wife and I were expecting, we made a list of all the items that should be purchased before the baby arrived. The one item every one of our friends and relatives said we could not have enough of was diapers. We started early on by pricing plain, standard, and no frills disposable diapers. These were the diapers I knew and assumed were the only option for an on-the-go family like ours. I slowly noticed other families with new babies and trends among them. Not all babies…

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  • Record Analysis Essay

    many ways, has a universal allure. The record was released on a German record label named Innervisions, and is called Acamar, written by a duo called Frankey and Sandrino. The record is presented in a black inner sleeve with a fantastic artwork print, information sheet and elegant outer sleeve. To many, it is merely a slab of polyvinyl chloride nestled within a nexus of card, paper and minimalist design. To me, however, it represents memories of immersive and beautiful moments, moments of…

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