Sexual selection

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  • Sexual Selection Theory: The Evolution Of Human Mating Behavior

    understand this behavior, we can take a look at different explanations which shape human mating behavior. Researching this topic we can find evolutionary perspectives, which delve into topics, such as parental investment, survival, and sexual selection. There is also an opposition to these evolutionary ideas which suggest that evolution may not have to do much with our mating behavior, but is influenced but social norms and libidinous desires. This paper will try to look into these ideas and try to find a conclusive winner, or maybe we will find out that these theories all…

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  • Sexual Selection And Humor In Courtship

    Huong Nguyen Prof. Nathan Matza HSc 425 (Friday) 09/18/2015 Recent News Article / Report In the article "Sexual Selection and Humor in Courtship: A Case for Warmth and Extroversion (2015)," the author – Jeffrey A. Hall – based on data collected through his three studies, realized that humor and intelligent do not contact with any mutual direct, but "the more attempts at humor a male made and the more of those attempts a female laughed at, the more interested in dating the female was” (Jeffrey,…

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  • Sexual Selection Literature Review

    Dickson 44760191 Target Article Puts, DA, Jones, BC and DeBruine, LM. 2012. Sexual selection on human faces and voices. Journal of Sex Research, 49(2–3), 227–243. This article argues that the sexually dimorphic traits of vocal cords and facial structure in humans evolved due to sexual selection. The authors focus on two main arguments; that female mate choice and competition between males shaped both of these characteristics, particularly in men. Researchers used past evidence to show that…

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  • Dr Roughgarden's Sexual Selection Theory

    Dr. Roughgarden’s talk discusses the evolution of gender and sexuality. She challenges Darwin’s Sexual Selection Theory which suggests that males are created with a higher sexual drive than females are. Along with this idea, Darwin implies that females are attracted to males whose appearance is, in simple terms, beautiful. Dr. Roughgarden disagrees with this and offers some examples as to why this theory is false. One of the examples that most interested me was her explanation of homosexuality…

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  • Antifeminist Theory Of Patriarchy

    1. Introduction Issues of evolution and gender were popularized through the nineteenth-century feminists, followed by the debate of “women question”: what roles should women be afforded in Anglo-American society? (Montgomery 2012). Darwin’s Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation (1871) was significantly influenced by the social discussion on evolution and gender in the Age of Victoria, and the theory of sexual selection originated from the book is widely employed by both antifeminists and…

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  • Behavioral Game Theory: Untruism, Fairness And Generosity

    However, the literature has yielded inconsistent and inconclusive findings (see Balliet et al., 2011 for a review). A contemporary explanation for sex differences in cooperation and generosity derives from sexual selection theory suggesting that attractiveness could moderate generosity. Attractive people are treated favourably in a number of contexts (see Langlois et al., 2000; Maner et al., 2003). The sexual selection hypothesis has been tested by researchers who have argued (and found) that…

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  • What Is The Difference Between A Patriarchal And An Arbitrary-Set Hierarchy Case Study

    1. What is the difference between a patriarchal and an arbitrary-set hierarchy? In your response, please define each form of hierarchy and then explain how they differ from each other. The difference is that in patriarchal men rules over women they have more power than females and an arbitrary-set hierarchy race, ethnicity and religion. 1. It is possible for different race to live without each other, but it 's impossible for one sex to exist without the other, because they wouldn 't be able…

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  • Religion: The Role Of Selfishness In Religion

    is because it is not in our nature too. Humans do what they can to stay a head in all aspects of life. Which unfortunately makes us unable to do to other what they do to you. This quote strongly enforces the ideas of both individual selection and group’s selection. Since the man has mental superiority and that is hereditable then obviously that would get passed down through the lines of his children. It does not matter if this mans inventions supplements other tribes or it stays in his tribe the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Online Dating

    officially went public. It is hard to believe that in 1991 anyone could ever imagine the importance the internet would play in the vast majority of American citizens lives. Today, the internet is available on computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, televisions, and just about any electronic you can think of. The internet is readily available whenever someone wants to use it and has access to do so. With the rise and importance of the internet in daily lives, it is no surprise that online…

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  • Cryptic Female Choice

    This chapter is co-authored by Maydianne Andrade and Emily MacLeod and revolves around the mechanisms and social context of Cryptic Female Choice in Black Widow spiders. The chapter begins by introducing similar ideas to the previous chapter encompassing how difficult it is to distinguish between types of post-copulatory sexual selection, and Andrade and MacLeod suggest that the Latrodectus genus may be beneficial in understanding and determining the relationships between each hypothesis. A…

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