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  • Seychelles Case Study

    Why You Should Plan Your Honeymoon in Seychelles You cannot make a better choice for a romantic honeymoon than Seychelles. It will not disappoint you. With its unspoiled beaches fringed by radiant warm waters, lush green areas, breath-taking mountains and isolated bays for a romantic picnic, Seychelles is truly a tropical paradise for an unforgettable honeymoon. I know how hectic it is to plan a wedding, but the honeymoon is the best time to recover, with those post-nuptial breezy nights, just you and your new spouse. Oh! it’s so romantic. Seychelles make the perfect setting for your honeymoon, where you and your new spouse can celebrate your love in paradise. No honeymoon destination can certainly equal the kind of reputation a top honeymoon destination like Bahamas has. Being freshly minted as a Mr. and Mrs., you need somewhere special with spectacular settings, and the best place to consider is Seychelles. Why Seychelles?…

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  • Why Do People Clean Water? Water 4 Life Water is a basic human necessity and a vital natural resource for all phases of life. Unfortunately today, more than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Consider these: • Thirty percent of the world does not have enough water to drink or wash with. • More than two million children are dying every year from water related problems with increasing cases of cholera, dysentery and typhoid. • Seven billion people in…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Research Papers

    tourists, it’s a great spot for an all-natural mud bath. You don't want to miss getting a photo of yourself floating atop the salty water, so be sure to bring a smartphone with an excellent camera, like the iPhone 6 from T-Mobile. However, this durable and inhospitable body of water is no match for global warming, and has shrunk by almost 30 percent in the last 30 years. While it may not seem like there’s a lot of life in the Dead Sea, the water is actually home to bacteria and microbial fungi…

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  • African Beaches Research Paper

    water-sport activities. It’s been a treasured ‘hush-hush’ beach, but we think you deserve to know about it. 2. Watamu Beach, Kenya Watamu Beach, KenyaPhoto Source: RG_Photo-Graphs on Flickr Kenya is famed for its stunning safari parks, and blessed with spectacular beaches with picture-perfect white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Admittedly, some Kenyan beaches have somewhat been spoiled by yonks of mass tourism but Watamu beach is unspoiled and well-preserved. The beach is ranked among…

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  • Whale Shark Research Paper

    general. In this research paper, microsatellite (406 samples) and mtDNA (573 samples) were both analyzed from as many as 9 locations. The locations included the Red Sea and the Gulf of California. Fragments of mtDNA sequences were read using Geneious 6 and aligned using the ClustalX method. The two database produced raw and a modified dataset where gaps and insertions found were replaced with a one mutation step. For microsatellites, the rarefaction method was used in the software HP-rare…

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  • Whale Sharks Research Paper

    also breathe this way. That means that they belong to the group called Chondrichthyes. Whale sharks have a distinct pattern of polka dots, and lines on them. These patterns help the shark stand out from all the other sea creatures. Every whale shark has different spots in different places. There spots and lines are like fingerprints with us. No two sharks have the same patterns of spots and lines. Whale sharks live mostly in the warmer areas of the world. They live in oceanic and coastal…

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  • Etihad Airways Case Study

    airberlin, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Alitalia, Jet Airways, Virgin Australia. (EtihadAirways Partners) Virgin Australia- currently holds 21.24% of equity stake to strengthen a 10 year strategic partnership agreement authorized by two carriers in August 2010. Alitalia- Etihad agreed to invest 560 million euros with Alitalia that includes 49% shareholding and further they own Alitalia’s 75% of the Alitalia Loyalty Spa as well. Aer Lingus- currently holds around 4.99% on the Irish airline since…

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  • Drones In War Essay

    technological support. The complexity of drones is outstanding, but is another reason why countries are reluctant to purchasing and using them. More military training is helpful and is obligatory for the most part to control these drones. “They need actionable intelligence, sophisticated communications, access to satellite bandwidth, and complex systems engineering- all assets presently beyond the reach of most states.”(Kreps and Zenko 70) Another disadvantage to including drones in today’s…

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  • Physical Unique Hotel Case Study

    all have in common, is that they are either placed a uniquely beautiful place, or the building itself is unique. Physically unique hotel is a hotel which appears differently than the others and it makes it interesting and original. People can say at first glimpse that it is a physical unique hotel. There were special efforts put in the idea of the appearance and the process of building it was different (for example ice hotels, cave hotels). Besides, the good service you get at these hotels, you…

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  • My Visit To Paris Essay

    Visiting Paris, France have always been a great desire for me. There is not one specific reason to explain this desire, but rather a collection of things that draw my specific attention to Paris. Perhaps my first visit to Republic of Congo and the French language being their lingua franca got me intrigued. I love to experience the original French cuisine, the art, the fashion, the architecture, and everything Paris has to offer and their smooth language. Also I have always brought up this ideal…

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