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  • Hunger In Africa

    semester, the only thing I knew about Africa is that their skin color is black and there are many starving children. That is all I knew about Africa. Now that this semester is coming to an end, I have gain so many new knowledge about Africans. I have learnt about Africa’s countries, history, culture, economic and religions. Africa has the richest natural resources in the world. By right, they should be enjoying the wealth that these resources brings. However, they are living the complete opposite life. They are the poorest and people are dying of hunger. I believe that the primary causes of this chronic poverty in Africa is the colonialism. European has conquered Africa countries and mark them as their territory.…

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  • AIDS In Africa

    the African continent and is becoming an increasing medical issue there. The documentary AIDS in Africa details the rise and impact of the rate of HIV infection and AIDS throughout the African continent. In the documentary, various medical professionals are interviewed for their perspective, and all express concern over the rising rates of infection and lack of resources for prevention in Africa. In addition to these doctors, inhabitants of the continent are also interviewed; these…

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  • Colonization Of Africa

    ‘modernity’, and whether both of these ideas can comfortably co-exist. Fundamentally, two questions underscore the argument: What does it mean to be African and how does a postcolonial modern Africa operate in terms of authentic and indigenous governance? The differing views on the…

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  • Unfolding In Africa

    1 The approach to African societies In Africa the societal structure of the African community is based on a social horizon. This is a subjective concept based on a single individual’s point of view. Though both the subjective and objective concepts are closely linked, age and gender plays roles in their behavior. When looking at the cultural differences and the history unfolding in Africa this chapter touched on the three essential marks of the nineteenth century: the traditional, the colonial,…

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  • Gmo In Africa

    Different countries have gotten involved in trying to fix the problem, but nothing that has been done so far has worked. Most of what has been done to this point in order to make GMOs more widely accepted in Africa is the introduction of GM crops and food products. There has been colossal amounts of food and money attempted to be donated in order to address the hunger problems in Africa. Large amounts of this food has been genetically modified in some way, which could have extinguished…

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  • Masks In Africa

    Let take a closer look at the spiritual life of African with the art of ritual masks. Africa is the country of masks and wooden statues. Men were the ones who used masks during ritual dances. The masks’ images were sublime. The majority of African masks were highly stylized - completely change the shape of face and body. The images were simplified; the sizes of the balance were changed. This unique feature was completely unfamiliar with the art of the Renaissance which held a high respect to…

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  • Child Poverty In Africa

    Issue of Child Poverty in Africa According to the World Health Organization’s report on child health 6.3 million children under the age of 5 died in 2013. Of those 6.9 million, 2.9 million were from Africa. The Report also said 2/3 of these deaths are attributable to preventable disease, and that 1/3 of the babies died within the first 28 weeks after birth (“Child Health”). There is what seems like an endless number of statistics, and almost all of them display the horrifying reality of the…

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  • American Imperialism In Africa

    Imperialism brought more slavery, exploitation in resources in Africa, and the spread of disease. Imperialism mostly involved European countries and Africa and so did the problems that occurred with Imperialism. One of the biggest negatives of Imperialism was slavery. Many of the slaves that were embarked were loaded on the coast of Africa and brought to the new world, which we know today as the Americas. Once the slaves were…

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  • Dbq On The Scramble Of Africa

    European countries met in 1884-1885 at the Berlin Conference to regulate European colonization of Africa. At this point in history, imperialism was occurring, where a country would increase it’s power by gaining control of another country. European imperialists were deciding the fate of Africa. The Scramble for Africa was three decades after the Berlin conference, where European powers began to colonize areas in Africa. Not all natives were pleased by the Europeans occupying their country. As…

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  • Stop Poaching In Africa

    sell for up to 40, 000 dollars a gorilla. If the babies are taken away, the species can not repopulate when the adults die.The removal of their youth leaves gorillas critically endangered and possibly gone by 2020. Zebras are hunted for fur. Only about 2,000 are left in the wild. Poaching across Africa can be decreased by legalizing ivory sales from conservations, tagging animals to track where poachers frequent, and by adding a highway to connect rural areas to…

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