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  • History Of European Trade

    Nations such Africa, Europe, Islamic empire, Asia, and America are all linked to trade. Trade was big during this time because it allowed countries to expand and gain more power. Land was a key essential to trade because it brought new natural resources and opened up trade routes. Africa slave trade worked as a middle man for Europe and Americas profits. Europeans people tried to gain control over Africa but gaining control in their land. Africa was well known being involved in slave trade. Agriculture was strong for African society as its people depended on it for their survival. Africa was a place with two major region. The Eastern region of Africa was wealthier and…

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  • History Of European And German Immigrants In Iowa

    European and German Immigrants in Iowa Have you ever wondered why Iowa is the way it is? One thing that plays a major role is the first people that settled here. Two of the main groups that came to Iowa as it was just starting out were the European immigrants as well as some German immigrants. Both of these groups were very prominent in Iowa and had important parts in the way Iowa developed. During World War I, some of the German customs that were once accepted and loved by the American…

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  • History Of The Europeans Meet The Australian Aboriginals

    The Europeans meet the Australian Aboriginals Before European explorers landed on the coast of Australia the natives of the continent, known as the Aboriginal People, occupied much of the land. The Aboriginals believed that the land owned you and that it would provide for you if you respected it. The British came to the continent and originally wanted peace however as expansion began the Aboriginals fought back forcing the British to break their peaceful ways. In the year 1606 there was a…

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  • The Importance Of Trade In The History Of Sino-European Relations

    Topic1: The role played by trade in the history of Sino-European relations from Yuan times to the Opium Wars Trade is often a form of national economic development, while trade can have a great influence on national relations. From Yuan to Ming, trade had a positive impact on the relationship between China and Europe, it helps to keep in good touch and promote economic development; From Qing to Opium Wars, trade was the main reason that England brought to war in China. Marco Polo as a traveler…

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  • Nikita Khrushchev: The Most Influential Person In European History

    The most influential person in European history was a man who only ruled his country for eleven years. Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, accomplished more in these eleven years than many men had in their entire lives. Khrushchev had a huge impact on history during the Cold War era, and many things might be different today if he had never been in a leadership role. The innovations that were made in the USSR under his command, were innovations that would send the…

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  • Canada Revisited By Clark And Clark Summary

    The history of the Americas continent is pretty much alike, due to the late discovery of the land by numerous mainly European explorers. The establishment of United States is closely related to the settlement of English and also Spanish settler. Similarly, the history of the country right above America, which is Canada also related to England as well as France. The book I will be comparing with Loewen’s is Canada Revisited by Clark and McKay. Canada, now known as a multicultural and bilingual…

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  • Pre Colonial History Essay

    History is about the past, the people, their achievements and setbacks. This research paper addresses the rejecting of Africa 's pre-colonial history. The analysis revolves around ignorance, arrogance, libel, and division. It is a study of the fifteenth-century religious and nineteenth-century philosophical views responsible for the suppressing Africa’s pre-colonial history. Long before the ancient ruins were buried by the desert sand and the vegetation Europeans found a subtly way to bury…

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  • The Marshall Plan And The European Recovery Program

    however, there was no actual “plan.” Once the plan was approved and became the European Recovery Program it lasted from April 1948 to December 1951. During that time there was approximately $12.5 billion dollars given to 12 European countries. The Marshall Plan did have its faults but overall was a success in assisting European economy to get back on its feet. The cost of World War II was immense among the European states. The United States had been sending aid to European states, even before…

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  • A People´s History, And A People's History By Howard Zinn

    Though Columbus did not discover the New World; the European exploration of the Americas began with his search for a new ocean route to the East Indies. Instead of discovering this route, he found a place entirely new to Europeans; this is why they referred to it as the New World. This, of course, lead to the Europeans settling in these areas and conquering the native peoples in order to pursue their three main incentives; god, gold, and glory. Different historians have varying takes on exactly…

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  • Summary Of A People's History Of The United States By Howard Zinn

    A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, starts off in 1492 with the landing of Columbus in the Americas. Zinn describes that he wants to make an account of American history from the side that is not usually told. Zinn wants to show the side of history that isn 't so heroic as some of the books show it to be. With that in mind, chapter one starts off with the native americans and what happened to them because of European expansion. This starts with the arrival of Christopher…

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