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  • Question Answer Response: Questions And Answers

    Question Answer Response (QAR) Question Answer Response or QAR, is a reading comprehension strategy developed to "clarify how students approach the tasks of reading texts and answering questions" (Raphael 1986). It encourages students to be active, strategic readers of texts. Question answer response assist students to understand that there are different types of questions and they must recognize that it is important to consider the question before developing an answer. When using the question answer response firstly, the teacher would tell the students that today they will be working on a new strategy called Question answer response which will help them understand what they read, then the teacher will explain to the students that there are…

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  • Agamemnon Question And Answers

    Book 1: What is the theme expressed in the first line of the poem? What request does Chryses make of Agamemnon? What is the reaction of the Achaeans, also known as the Greeks, the Danaans, and the Argives? What is Agamemnon’s response? Why does Chrses pray to Apollo and what prayer does he make? How does Apollo answer his prayer? What advice does Achilleus give to Agamemnon in the midst of the plague? What does Kalchas fear? What effect will Achilleus’s promise to protect Kalchas have on…

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  • The Crucible Question Answers

    Crucible Discussion Answers 1a. Proctor doomed himself because Deputy Governor Danforth would not let him survive if he didn’t give up the confession he signed. Proctor realized that if he gave this up, his name would mean nothing, due to him lying about him seeing demons, and signing his name on the confession, he had given up his name. He said that although they had already taken his soul, he wants to keep his name. 1b. I believe their was no other way out of his situation than to lie and…

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  • MIDTERM Questions And Answers

    QUESTIONS FOR MIDTERM 1. We gain knowledge and experience from various institutions; family, school, church, media, peer groups etc. Pick one of the institutions and discuss how you may have learned about crime from that institution and what social controls or constraints might be found within that institution? How and why might our views be biased regarding crime within that institution? Are you viewing this as an Absolutist, though relativism, objectivism, or subjectivism. I have personal…

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  • Lakshmi Questions And Answers

    1. How did you see power being used and/or abused in this book? How would you feel if you were the main character? In the book Sold the person with the power changes throughout the book. At the beginning the person with the power was Lakshmi’s stepfather. He is not able to work but he uses Ama and Lakshmi to his advantage. Ama serves him even though he does not provide anything to the family. He takes the money for himself and gambles it away. He then sells Lakshmi into prostitution without Ama…

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  • Ageism, Questions And Answers

    1.) What does Maher mean when he says that ageism is the last acceptable prejudice in America? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? He means that when we age we still human and got expert. There is no need to prefer young people because of their ages! Yes, I agree with him but not totally, because when we say this statement, that means we include people from all ages, (from the first day of life until +100 years old). Yes, there are positions which require wisdom and…

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  • Fences Questions And Answers

    Bryan Alvizures March 6,2018 Mr. Amoroso. Period 9 Concept questions 3 In the play “Fences” by August Wilson, Troy(the main character) has a a type of dualistic nature within him. Sometimes he teaches lessons while sometimes he shows complete anger and no control. On page 66 he states “ I’m trying to find a way to tell you ...I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be somebody’s daddy.” Troy is showing himself as a person who doesn’t respect his wife and went out to have a baby with…

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  • Poverty Questions And Answers

    Question 2: Poverty Causes of poverty include: • Changing trends in a country's economy- this causes instability in the market and many businesses struggle to survive and therefore employees lose their jobs. • Lack of education- A person without the required skills and training will struggle to find a job. • Having a culture of poverty- the cycle of poverty will be carried over to future generations as proper education cannot be afforded. • Overpopulation- For every 1000 houses the government…

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  • Assignment Questions: Basic Computations: Questions And Answers

    If a problem is worth 2 points and you only show the answer, then you will receive only 1 point credit. If you use a calculator or online website, give the source and tell me exactly what you provided as input. For example, if you used Excel to compute 16 * 16, state “I typed =16*16 into Excel and got 256. You may type your answer right into this document. Part I. Basic Computations 1. According to the National Education Association , the average classroom teacher in the US…

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  • Romans Answer To The Terrible Questions

    For centuries now human civilization has been trying to figure out the terrible question, why were they put on earth? In 753 BC, the ancient civilization of Rome believed that they were put on earth to do everything humanly possible for Rome. The Romans made up creation stories to make their civilization sound better, came up with technological advances to better Roman culture, and even killed emperors who were not for the greater good of. As you can see, everything the Romans did was for the…

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