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  • Difference Between Formal And Informal Letter Writing

    Letter writing is a very important lesson; it is a form of communication that is necessary to have some sort of knowledge about. Eventually, we must know how to write a letter and the difference between the types of letters. In this lesson provided by Professor Kaya, she showed us different types of letter and note writing. While addressing both formal and informal letter writing, she also gave the meanings of both forms of letters. A formal letter is considered personal, whereas, informal displays a professional/business way of letter writing. I thought as though her approach of this lesson was very effective with props and examples of the letters because it opened my mind to think differently about the process. After engaging with the students, she asked, if they have ever written a letter, then she displayed of how the two letter types were written. Followed by the display, she read aloud a book called, “Click Clack Moo”. In the activity, she provided, we had to pick out favorite farm animal and write a letter to the farmer, asking for something that we would like to have for your enjoyment. WHAT WAS DONE: I admire the procedures Professor Kaya used in implementing the mini-lesson. (I DO) She used ways of activating prior knowledge by asking if anyone has ever received a letter, message or note. One student mentioned receiving a letter from a friend and another said a pen pal. Kaya asked what was said in the letter? how did they start off with the letter? The student…

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  • What The Client 's Presenting Problem?

    Does it ask all of the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is? Yes, the intake form does ask the necessary questions for the presenting problem. First, the client is asked to describe the problem specifically, how long the problem has been occurring, and precipitating events that may have led to this problem. Next, these are key questions because they make the client think in more specific terms. It is necessary to help the client think about the problem…

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  • The Cummins Quadrant: A Detailed Model Of Learning Analysis

    students in the classroom are in a cognitively demanding b activity with the help of context clues. The students were participating in a vocabulary lesson. Students were learning definitions while getting clues from the teacher and workbook. The first word Ms. Higgins asked students to define was "specially". She instructed that it was a root word of special. This connected the students to previous in,oeuvre of what specials means. After discussing what special means, Ms. Higgins gave them an…

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  • Is It Ok For Doctor To Help In Assisted Suicide

    The resolve for the Bioethics’ category is “Is it ok for doctor to help in assisted suicide?” The affirmative team presented by Dan Simmons and Danielle Eustace. The negative team presented by Andon Ware and Austin Railey III. The affirmative team and negative team both did a pretty great job on the topic beside a little controversial comment during the question and answers. However, their research were both valid and support their resolve well. I believe the affirmative team won this debate. I…

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  • Verbal Miscommunication

    Verbal communication has taken a drastic decrease in the past twenty years. People are becoming more disconnected and detached with one another than they have ever been. One of the main communication tools that is slowly disappearing is asking questions. Asking questions is a necessity to communication, without it, our world can be shaped differently. The factors of the decline in asking questions is the fear of what others will think, the lack of a reward system for questions, and the increase…

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  • Role-Play Analysis: Motivational Therapy Model

    what she had to say. When I asked Wendy, what she could do to gain her identity back that was my way of asking an evoking question to allow Wendy to describe steps to take to build her own solution. Another strength that I had is to ask for permission to continue the session after going over the confidentiality. I believe I normalized Wendy’s situation well by letting her know that the feelings she was experiencing were normal for caregivers. I also believe I did a good job with speaking to…

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  • Reflection Of The Acals To My Patient

    On Tuesday morning at the Arbor I administered the ACLS to my patient which was very interesting. First I asked my patient if she was willing to participate in this activity and if she could see the holes in the leather, she stated yes. I then demonstrated the Running Stitch to her and handed her the leather. It was very interesting to watch because she would take the lace and grab it in the middle and try to run it through the hole a few times before she would slowly run her hand all the way…

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  • Reflection On Sarah Alford's Session

    realize I need to make sure that I am making full eye contact with students rather than staring at their laptops. Sarah’s nonverbal communication and actions indicated that she listened to me when I spoke as well. She nodded and kept eye contact, and as I mentioned before she took notes while I talked. Overall, the video confirmed listening to consultants is one of my strengths. This assignment not only highlighted my strengths, but also sheds light on my weaknesses as a consultant. After…

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  • Importance Of Experience In The Academic Plaza

    I arrived in the Academic Plaza before four in the afternoon and noticed two people lying in their hammocks, which were on opposite ends of the plaza. The sun radiated through the leaves and a light breeze kept the plaza cool and balmy. One of the hammocks was a bright turquoise color and it quickly caught my eye. I decided to approach this person versus the other because she was closer in proximity to me and exuded a friendly aura. Haley’s hammock dangled in one of the larger trees in the area…

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  • Introduction To Counseling Reflection

    Going into this class I didn’t know what to expect. With it being called “Introduction To Counseling” I generally assumed that’s what it would be. I didn’t put that much thought into what we were going to learn about, but believe me; I am delighted I was given the opportunity to take this course. From professional ethics, attending behaviors, observation, encouraging, confrontation, and reflecting, I was given the chance to learn these skills that will help me in my professional life. Throughout…

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