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  • The Reflection Of A Report On The Smartboard

    The lesson began with 4 students seated at their desks, facing the SmartBoard. Ms. Rogic handed out copies of “Scholastic News” and put the article up on the SmartBoard. She explained to the class that they were going to learn about summarizing, but that they were going to review some of the things they learned in their last class from the scholastic news article they read. Ms. Rogic then displayed a picture of a mudskipper on the SmartBoard. One student, Malik, raised his hand and immediately called out that the picture was a mudskipper. Mrs. Rogic told Malik he was correct and then asked the class if anyone could remember a fact about the mudskipper. Malik and Jake raised their hands. Malik was called on and recalled that mudskippers “can be left on land.” Ms Rogic told him, “Good! So what is special about the mudskipper?” Malik shouted, “Amphibians!” Ms. Rogic continued to prompt more detailed answers from Malik with a series of questions, such as “Good! And that means what?” Jake’s hand was up throughout this entire portion of the lesson, but he was never called on. The other students made no effort to raise their hands, and were never called on when reviewing the article. At one point, Jake had his hand up, was called on, and said “Do you know why they have their mouths open? They are fighting for territory.” Ms. Rogic replied, “Yes, Jake, they are fighting for territory. Very good.” Ms. Rogic then asked Nathan, “Nathan, what is something else we…

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  • ' Propuality, And Cross-Tabulation Of Words

    Ch 19 1. The factors that may influence respondents’ interpretation of words include ethnicity, region, nationality, sex, age and education. Word nuances and ambiguities , or unique and unclear language, can also affect word interpretation . Other factors are modifying adjectives and adverbs, grammatical standards, double negatives, double-barreled (two question) questions, leading and loaded questions, over-demanding recall questions, and questions that include prestige. 2. Often, occasionally,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day As A Volunteer

    My first day as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls club was a very well day. I had already known that there are a lot of kids and the time that I went in at was homework time. Since it was the first day I was unsure of where to go and what to do; thankfully the staffs there are very welcoming and very inclusive. The surprised on my first day was the welcoming, curiosity and the flood of questions that some of the children had asked me. I had plan to be the one asking the children questions,…

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  • Child Interview Reflection

    When interviewing a child it is necessary to ask appropriate questions that are age appropriate for the child. This is a very important factor when interviewing a child because this can either result in a child not understanding the process of an interview by just responding with head nods or a child replying with a response that assures you that they understand the process of the interview. In order for an interview to be successful with a child there are certain procedures that should be…

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  • The Importance Of Shadowing In The Classroom

    The second class that I was given the opportunity to shadow was Ms. Brown; a fourth grade teacher. The administrative personnel recommended her to me. They said that she is a great teacher and that I was going to enjoy shadowing her class. When I entered her class I felt a lot of positive energy coming from her and transmitting it to the students as well as to me. The classroom was small and there was little room to walk around, but the classroom was organized with a less clutter than the first…

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  • Examples Of Neutral Questions

    The open question is the opposite of a closed question. An open question would probably receive a long answer (Open and Closed Questions, n.d.). These questions would ask the respondent to think and reflect. They will give people opinions and feelings. These questions give the respondent the control of the conversation. Open questions begin with what, why, how and describe. However, a neutral question does not begin with the word ‘why’. An example of an open question is in IB- Biology, some of…

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  • Reading Conference Reflection

    Implicit questions are important in aiding in deeper comprehension, but as I mentioned before, I think this was too advanced of a question for this level of a book. A more appropriate questions might have been, “Do you think that the family will continue to be as lucky as they seem in this first chapter?” In addition, I could have referred back to vocabulary more after the reading to aid in deep comprehension. He was reading the words well, but I cannot honestly say that I am confident he…

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  • My Reflection On Counseling

    After completing the final counselling video for this class, there was a great sense of relief. Looking at the first video and comparing it to the last one, there was improvement. Beginning with my first video I was quite nervous and did not feel like I was equipped to properly assist my client. An item that really stood out to me in my first session was that I asked questions that did not give my client much opportunity to speak. As the counsellor I felt I had to keep speaking because awkward…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: A Career In Counseling

    Counseling is something that I always wanted to do. Many of us came to the decision of pursing a career in counseling thinking that it will be easy as when we have a conversation with our friends. I have always see myself as someone who is always there for her friends, to give any types of advice and to be there for them when they need to express themselves. Having the opportunity to act as an actual counselor gave me the opportunity to realize that this is something very different than when we…

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  • HRM 531 Week 4 Paper

    Recruiting is the process of scouting out and hiring the right individual for a position within a company or organization. The ultimate goal of a recruiter is to make sure the candidate is a good fit for the company and also ensuring that the position is a good fit for the candidate. According to (Barrett, 2014) recruiting is vital because it reduces the time and money a company or organization spends by having a high rate of employee turn-over. Company C Requirements for…

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