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  • Washington Dc 11th Street Bridge Project

    Washington DC: 11th Street [The Need] Bridges are no different than any other form of infrastructure, eventually they break down and need to be either repaired or replaced. Inspection occurs at least every two years, yet bridges are often pushed to their absolute limits of usability. In Washington DC, the 11th Street Bridge Project aims to replace two bridges built in the 1960s with three new bridges. With these bridges having been in place for nearly 50 years, there were numerous issues. For one, the carrying capacity of the two bridges was not great enough to meet the needs of the area. That was pertinent as with the rise in technology and suburban flight, people were increasingly traveling into the city in the morning to work and out at night to go home. Secondly, the bridges were deteriorating and had reached their maximum life capacity. Without action, the city was facing not only greater travel times, but a potential catastrophe had the bridges been pushed any further. [The Plan] With the need for new bridges being very apparent, a group of goals was established for the new set. With the new bridges the District of Columbia planned to reduce traffic congestion, increase safety, create a route for emergency vehicles, and improve evacuation routes. Not one plan could accomplish all of these goals, a wide array of ideas would be implemented to reach what the city had dreamed of. To solve the issue of congestion, bridge use would be split up into different categories.…

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  • Interstate Battery System Case Analysis

    company wants to uphold to ensure that they can withstand the test of time and continue bringing about positive change to all the lives they touch individually and in communities. Interstate Battery System International,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Hurricanes

    didn’t work.” That Wednesday, the Lafayette Fire Department went to clear out Mercy Hospital by boats. The fire department got the patients out first and then the employees. Shannon was the last boat to go out. She said, “Good thing they came and got me, because they had to stop the boat rides, due to people shooting at the boats.” People were shooting at the boats because they wanted to steal them to leave. It took three different boats to get where Shannon needed to be. The first boat she…

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  • Gilded Age DBQ

    policies of the era, leading to overly powerful companies and mistreatment of workers. The government continued to maintain a minimally involved policy even with all of the corruption occurring in the business world. James Bryce, in his book The American Commonwealth, states that due to the abundance of materials and development involving the West, the ignorance of politics was at an all-time high (Doc 1). The truthfulness of this statement is apparent considering how little control the central…

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  • President Obama's Speech Summary

    President Obama is very good at framing his words so that the American public can understand him the way he wants them to. Obama made a very eloquent transition into talking about the benefits of his health care system by comparing what he was doing with what some of our finest presidents have done in the past. When Obama was quoting Teddy Roosevelt and how he broke up monopolies, or establishing our national park systems, or when he is talking about Dwight Eisenhower and how the government…

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  • We The People Declaration Of Independence Analysis

    enough, you’ll make a good living. If you are poor, you have only yourself to blame.” This is not the ideal government because it should help the people in its country, rather than them suffering because of their situation. Civil Disobedience In response to going to jail because he did not pay his poll tax, Henry David Thoreau wrote to Americans to not let the government overpower them. He said, “That government is best which governs least.” For a government to be successful, there needs…

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  • What Is Gentrification?

    neighborhoods that are currently racially and economically diverse are of concern. BODY How transportation development creates gentrification in an urban area? There are many factors (such as major construction development, highway development, commercial zone development, transit development) that forces lower-class people to force out from their homeland to outer skirt of the city. In an urban setting, virtually any large public infrastructure project is likely to have at least some impact…

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  • Evolution Of Military Weapons

    the American military. When people began traveling west most became farmers and ranchers to provide for their families. Things like meat, clothing, and shelter needed to be produced and built as the land out west was uncivilized. This was what gave America it’s jump start into an agricultural society. However, as these tasks became more tedious something needed to be done to help make everyday living become easier. The creation of new inventions is what primarily causes America to transition…

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  • Theodore The Great: Theodore Roosevelt As A Progressive Party

    TR felt that neither the labor unions nor big business should have too much power or have favor in the government. TR follows this principle when dealing with railroad regulation as well. This quote outlines TR’s policy on the railroad industry “He supported… physical evaluation of railroad properties to enforce "honest" capitalization, and government supervision of capitalization of all types of corporations in interstate commerce.” (232) The word “honest” is important in this quote because…

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  • Gilded Age Analysis

    to their own advantage as they controlled many corrupt politicians. On the surface the government was passing acts that sounded good to the working class, but in reality these acts were just words that were rarely put into action. The Sherman Antitrust Act and the Interstate Commerce Act are two good examples of government policies that sounded like reforms but had little impact. In 1890, the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed to prevent illegal trusts from being developed to “eliminate…

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