The Importance Of Vision And Mission Statement

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Vision and Mission
The mission and vision statement are essential not only leading people to success, but abets in “shaping the corporate culture” (Verma 2009). A business must have a clear picture of where it is going and how it plans to get there and accomplish its goals while achieving their objectives. The vision of the company pertains “to the long-term objectives” to refer to the direction the company is headed in the future (Ozdem 2011). The vision is not simply a paragraph, but refers to the two aspects that the company wants to uphold to ensure that they can withstand the test of time and continue bringing about positive change to all the lives they touch individually and in communities. Interstate Battery System International,
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The values that the company are grounded on are love, fun, integrity, excellence, servant’s heart, courage, and team (“Purpose & Values”). Love is seen throughout the company base on how employees treat those around them even going out of their way to volunteer time and money to help their community. Excellence is demonstrated by ensuring those gifts that each individual is given to help achieve God’s ultimate plan are used in a manner that will ensure the success of the company and individual. By the company, allowing one’s natural talents or gifts combined with faith in a community like the one presented in the community helps to eliminate living two separate lives, allowing one to get closer to God (Rae & Wong 2012). The fun that the company focuses on ensuring that one does not make work an idol. Exodus 20:3 says God does not approve of idolatry. Idolatry takes one further away from God. Integrity is essential for a business to succeed in the business realm and it gets its bases from the bible on keeping one’s promises it also ensures that one does not promise anything that they are unable to keep. Servant’s heart is seen throughout the organization by all their selfless acts to their community. They take serious Mark 12:31 to love their neighbor by how they involved themselves to help those in need. Courage is realized by them being innovative and, while offering new products still at reasonable prices. Finally, team members support one another, allowing the company to become better by challenging each other to be their very best. This culture focuses on practicing the virtuous circle are composed of scripture, stories, examples, community and practices (Wright 2010,

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