Interstate Battery System Case Analysis

Vision and Mission
The mission and vision statement are essential not only leading people to success, but abets in “shaping the corporate culture” (Verma 2009). A business must have a clear picture of where it is going and how it plans to get there and accomplish its goals while achieving their objectives. The vision of the company pertains “to the long-term objectives” to refer to the direction the company is headed in the future (Ozdem 2011). The vision is not simply a paragraph, but refers to the two aspects that the company wants to uphold to ensure that they can withstand the test of time and continue bringing about positive change to all the lives they touch individually and in communities. Interstate Battery System International,
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The biblical principles that are in place are guidelines to ensure that people use their common sense. Common sense is using sound judgement in typical matters when one finds themselves in a practical situation where there is a clear line between what is right and wrong. In tough situations where the line between the right and wrong choice the biblical principles step in to help make the situation easier to manage while reaching the best outcome possible that will glorify God as the end result. The two aspects, the biblical principles and common sense, are employed to help ensure that the business practices sound business practices in all their activities.
The company operates in sound business practices by operating with honesty and demonstrating integrity while promoting the same attributes for those who work or are involved in the company. Honesty is demonstrated in the fact they are upfront with any mistakes that may occur and they work to come up with a way to compensate one for any inconvenience they may have experienced. A nationwide class action lawsuit was filed against Interstate Battery System of

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