Strategic planning

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning has gained importance and prevalence in organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit as well since it debuted in corporations in the 1960. Indeed, strategic plans service to guide an organization on the strategic direction it wishes to take, the specific goals and objectives to be achieved and the means of resourcing the activities identified as pertinent to implementing the strategy. Nonetheless, the formulation of strategic plans remains a daunting exercise to strategists and planners in the contemporary business world, because business situations surrounding an organization may be subjected to rapid and disruptive changes regardless of how predictable they might have appeared during the planning process. As such,…

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  • Overdoing The Strategic Planning Process

    1. Preparation to plan The idea of preparing to create a plan seems to be overdoing the planning process, but there is a need to prepare to create a plan. Many people prepare to create a plan without thinking about it. Prepping to create a strategic plan is no different than any other plan. There must be consideration of who will be involved in the planning process, the framework or method that will be used in the strategic planning process, the duration of the strategic planning process,…

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  • Strategic Planning Essay

    definition of strategic planning is a process in which a company’s executives decide what they want to achieve and the best action of resources for doing so. Brinckerhoff states that there are four benefits to planning, the focus, community involvement, effective use of resources and disaster avoidance. The first benefit is focus and focus should drive your organization to focus on your work and resources by understanding that who will benefit from what your organization has to offer. Community…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Strategic Planning Process

    Strategic planning is imperative in an organization. Strategic planning is a process of defining the organizational strategy and providing a direction. Through the strategic planning process, it is easy to make decisions on how the resources in an organization will be used. Strategic planning also provides guidelines on how the process of strategic implementation will be implemented. The strategic planning is mainly determined by resources available in the company and the priorities that the…

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  • Bestshop: The Role Of Strategic Planning In An Organization

    With the dynamism in the market, strategic planning is inevitable. Every organization faces challenges and must be able to overcome and prepare for any ultimatums. This is only possible with the implementation of the framework to be used in making decisions in the organization. Strategic planning is considered as the process of preparing the organization through processes geared towards the organization’s mission. An effective strategy planning process generates and ensures there is sustenance…

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  • The Strategic Planning Model: Antonio Damasio

    Following a critical assessment or introspection, all strategic planning processes begin with a clearly enunciated vision, objective or goal translating to an expected outcome sometime in the future. That goal or destination depicts the strategic planning model’s zenith from Figure 3.1. Mature objectives articulate the very essence of rationality to avoid becoming somebody’s enormously expensive, irrecoverable aberration at a later date. And although these objectives define the end game, they…

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  • Strategic Planning Strategy

    At one point in history the idea of strategic planning was identified with planning and maneuvering large military operations into a position of advantage before a battle with an enemy began (Evans, n.d.). Today strategic planning is still used for war, but has been adapted to deal with another enemy, that enemy being the challenges and competition an everyday corporation or business leader faces. If leaders are to implement strategic planning within their organizations great success in…

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  • The Strategic Planning Process

    Strategic Planning Process Introduction Apparently, in any organization strategic planning plays and instrumental role in determining the future of the business. The strategic planning is the process of coming up with steps that will ensure that the vision of an organization remain on cause in relation to different factors such as external and internal environmental (Job, 2012). In this case, strategic planning process involves four key steps which include Environmental Scanning, Strategy…

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  • Strategic Planning Methods

    Planning Methods for Goal Achievement Successful organizations are often the result of a leader’s vision. But how do these leaders take their vision from the drawing board to the boardroom? In order to turn visions into reality, a plan must be put in place. A strategic planning method can effectively implement the vision of an organization and assist in the planning and achievement of goals. This report will examine the general structure and purpose of the strategic planning method, two specific…

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  • Effective Strategic Planning

    Effective strategic planning refers to attempts to fabricate basic actions and decisions that guide what an association is, whatever it does and the reason it does it (Earle, 2009). The objective of strategic planning is to ensure affiliates of an organization’s focus on the priorities and vision in reaction to the dynamic setting. Different organizations have exclusive external context, hence, developing an appropriate strategy is necessary for working in the right direction. Understanding the…

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