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  • Graffiti Street Art

    Graffiti: A Controversial Form of Street Art While walking down the city street with a friend you find yourself stopped at a crosswalk waiting for cars to pass by. As you are waiting, your friend points to a beautiful illustration depicting a meaningful message that was spray painted onto the side of an occupied building. Your friend continues to say how the graffiti on this building is a crime and the artist should not have gotten away with this vandalism. You personally disagree with her opinion and put the graffiti illustration into a different perspective by suggesting that if this particular illustration was taken off of this building and put into a museum is it art now? When your friend states that if the illustration was in a museum instead of on a building it would be art you then ask why. This question of why graffiti can be considered either an expression of art or a crime is very difficult to…

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  • Street Art Essay

    Graffiti was once labeled as street art which was frequently a prominent problem in urban cities; defacing or “tagging” public and private property was against the law. As time as evolved, so has the street art culture. Today, street art is one of most sought after and creative outlets for local artists. The culture around street art can be interesting in the fact that artists build their names and reputation with one piece of work at a time; sometimes when it starts to take over the city it…

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  • Comparing Graffiti And Street Art

    argue that street art rose to a substantially valuable level from cultural and historical perspective, thus, it is time to change or flex the property law in favor of preserving important murals of street artists. My focus is solely on Banksy, whose works have been predominantly illegal. B. Background on Street Art and Graffiti Although street art and graffiti are frequently referred to as being synonymous to each other and there is, indeed, a lot of crossover between the two, it is…

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  • Graffiti Vs Street Art

    Street art and graffiti, two very different styles of expression are commonly assumed to be the same. Banksy, a street artist, film director, and political activist known for his subversive and satirical street art fused with dark humor. His works of social and political commentary are arguably the most evocative and raw pieces in the world of street art. One of the influences that made Banksy the artist he is today was Robert Del Ninja. Robert generally used a stencil for his work. His famous…

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  • Banksy Street Art Analysis

    encounters with generalities. However, life is not a two-sided coin. There are a multitude of differences that lend to opinion versus fact. When examining the popular street artist Banksy, it can be concluded that there are many differing opinions, especially if discussed with foreknowledge that Banksy is anonymous. It leaves room for much interpretation. However, by looking more closely at Banksy, one might be able to draw the conclusion that he demonstrates the essence of freedom, and is…

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  • Street Art Summary

    “Street Art and Graffiti Resources for Online Study” is an article published in April 2014 by Michael DeNotto. The author is an instruction librarian at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Michael DeNotto got three degrees in three universities: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign M.S. in Library and Information Science, 2012 Valparaiso University M.A. in English Studies and Communication with TESOL certificate, 2009 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville B.A. in English with minor…

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  • Vandalism In Street Art

    other forms of artwork, not only in it’s style, but also in it’s public message as well as it’s agenda. Street art breaks the rules. It broadcasts information that people would be afraid to say or would possibly make someone uncomfortable. But is this a good thing? Is it now tolerated? Graffiti has existed dating back to ancient times of 18,000 B.C. However, todays modern street art began to surface around the late 1960s and the early 1970s. And now a growing number of individuals would consider…

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  • Street Art Analysis

    Street art is something that some people might consider vandalism and not art, but there is one street artist who has shattered these rules and that is Banksy. Banksy has become one of the most iconic street artist in the world. Banksy uses the world has his canvas, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to create his works. Going as far as putting works up in Disneyland, he even went as far as creating a series of works on the barrier that splits Israel from Palestine. He has done all this…

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  • Street Art Research Paper

    STREET ART Street art is a unique form of modern artistic expression. It has become a part of the urban environment, growing and changing with the city and the people that live there. Street art can comment on a social issue, poke fun at some aspect of society, or simply beautify a run-down area of the city. Even though the modern style of street art and graffiti was developed and perfected in the 1970s, elements of graffiti can be traced all the way back to the early 19th century. Today, street…

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  • Graffiti Vs Street Art Essay

    there is art everywhere you look, although to most people, “art” wouldn’t be the correct term to describe what they are seeing. What people see is graffiti and street art, and while most of our society would label it as vandalism and destructive. Being a graffiti artist myself, I believe that graffiti and street art as a whole gets an undeservingly bad reputation. This is because throughout our history there has been a general misunderstanding of graffiti as a whole. There’s a lack of attention…

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