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  • How To Play Hockey

    of physical activity was hockey. Like many other children from my community in Kingston, hockey has been a true passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My father was the one who introduced hockey into my life at a young age, as he did for my older brother Andrew as well. Growing up, my father would dedicate many winter days and nights building and maintaining an outdoor rink in our backyard. The three of us would spend countless hours back there after school and on weekends throughout the winter. Our backyard rink allowed me to foster the skills I needed to excel in ice hockey as a child and I was eager and determined…

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  • Alice Wright Biography

    “It’s something I feel like is wired within me to achieve.” Alice Wright is a name that has grown to be popular in University of New Mexico athletic world. As she heads into her final season with the Lobos, she has already left behind an impressive legacy; a legacy that all started with a decision to be made in a small English village. Wright was originally known to be a field hockey player until one day when she decided to participate in her village’s local fun run. She ended the run doing…

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  • Gender Norms In Great Expectations, Episode 11

    For Season 18 Episode 11: Great Expectations the show begins in the middle of a hockey game with 3.5 seconds left. The victim, Jack is racing to the goal but just barely misses; of course, his parents greet him with cheers of “you did great! You'll get them next time honey!” But in the locker room is a different story as his teammates show anger towards the missed “wide open shot”. The camera then cuts to Jack and his mother as they're leaving the ring and when asked if he wants to stop at the…

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  • Jack Goodall's Role In The Great Depression

    their own. Goodall guided the rebuilding of the decimated Victorian game; the first interstate women 's ice hockey competition in 1922; and the first national association in 1923. During the twenties, he had married a second time, retired as a player (returning briefly only for Kendall 's farewell series), busied himself with setting the sport on a national footing, and regularly presented the Goodall Cup at interstate tournaments. After the Wall Street crash in October 1929, unemployment in…

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  • Leaving The Iron Lung, By Anne Laurel Cartier

    First, Pauline’s mother takes Pauline’s hockey table and puts it on top of the book shelf so Pauline could not reach it (84). Pauline’s game being moved in location where she cannot reach it represents how initially she feels like she is unable to achieve her dream of playing hockey. The author uses Pauline’s situation to teach the reader that sometimes our goals seem out of reach at first. Second, the triggering event that changes Pauline when Marie gives her a hockey stick (86). By giving…

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  • My Reflection Essay To Graduate High School

    To make advances is basically to grow, or enhance the knowledge you already have. Some goals that I have planned out for myself at the moment, is when I get into high school, to be accepted into Pre-IB, and the IB program. Some small goals that I can set are to get straight A’s in 8th grade, and so forth, and I will write the best essay I have ever written to be accepted into Pre-IB in 9th grade, and start IB in 11th grade. I also spend a lot of my free time on either the soccer, and field…

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  • Are Humans Selfish Essay

    As time goes on, the question of whether humans are selfish or not becomes a controversey and is widely disscussed. After reading true stories of unfortunate situations and observing many reaserches, it all becomes clear that mankind is greedy and will do anything to benefit themselves. Authors such as;Charles Montgomery, Todd Schwartz, Richard Lemiux and John Chapman knew this all along and that is why they chose to share their eye-opening stories and research with the public. In any time of…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am Haiti

    by a Weather Channel Meteorologist. And I’ll be honest, at a times it has felt so much easier to just be black. Being a minority is hard enough, but being a minority of a minority? That 's simply too hard sometimes. Too much ignorant questions to answer to and too little time to educate that ignorance, and sometimes you can frankly tell that they genuinely don 't care enough to want to be educated. But I’ll take the time to do so today, because knowing about where I came from very much will…

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  • City Farewell Speech Analysis

    It was a good idea that you used logical reasons from the beginning especially after the story you started about the parents that do not like the trash around there children at school. You stated, “City Hall needs to respond to your needs, and to meet those needs on the street, by cleaning the streets and keeping it clean for the youth.” That itself covered the reason behind why you did all these things such as the trash cans. You gave a logical reason of why you are doing this and why we should…

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  • The Importance Of Universal Healthcare In Today's Society

    a whole as a result. As of today, many of the people who desperately need healthcare cannot afford it. Having healthcare available to everyone is something that the government needs to prioritize. Allowing only those who can afford treatment is wrong and will cause people to continue to distrust the government to the needs of society as a whole. In order for the government to improve, the voices of everyone must be heard. With a topic such as universal healthcare, where everyone would benefit…

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