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  • Street Dance Research Paper

    This past weekend my mother and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour event in Houston at the Reinvention Center. The overall experience caused me to realize that dancing takes an abundance of endurance and the ability to keep a straight face during intense environmental circumstances. Dance has the ability to evoke a multitude of feelings for people, but only a few make lifelong impressions due to our past experiences and our ties to certain expressions of emotions. One of the performances done by Virgil and Neptune caused me to realize that no matter how many times someone sees a certain routine the dance can still cause an audience to feel a whirlwind of emotions again. For this street dance involves flips and jumps that seem to…

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  • Parallel Time Analysis

    “On less traveled streets after dark, I grew accustomed to but never comfortable with people crossing to the other side of the street rather than pass me.” “I’d been a fool.” Staples states in “Parallel time”, he has an epiphany no matter what he did these people feared his existence. Staples encounters a well-dressed white woman walking at night as he had in “Black Men in Public Spaces” and he received the same response a frantic woman running like she was being pursued by, a mugger it was at…

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  • Why I Want To Dance

    Professionals, create dance routines and teaches them to dance, is a career I wish to pursue, for the rewards my students will earn, the more dance they will learn, and the more activity the student will do. I been interested in this career I always dance and it made me happy, so that’s when I thought to myself that. I was going to be a choreography. This career grabbed my intention because, I always went to birthdays parties and they always danced and it was fun and the way people look at me it…

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  • Explain Why I Would Like To Visit The Bahamas

    I would like to visit The Bahamas. The reason I want to visit The Bahamas is because I want see and swim in the beautiful water and stay at the Leaf Cay Resort . The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and 2,400 cays that divide the Atlantic Ocean from Florida almost to Haiti. Only 30 of the islands are located. The waters are crystal clear any can see your hand under water glistening from the radiation of the sun. Other reasons I would love to visit The Bahamas is for their beautiful beach…

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  • The Significance Of Dance In Euroba's Culture

    Dance throughout different cultures What is Dance? We use the umbrella term of dance to describe movement that inhabits our lives daily, whether it be to tell stories, to perform, to have fun, or to teach lessons. Throughout history dance has mesmerized countless audiences and been a safe haven as well as a joyous celebration. Our culture versus the Euroba’s culture and the Indian culture incorporate dance very differently into daily life, some ways that dance is incorporated into their lives is…

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  • Gender Roles In Dance Culture

    A report from the Department for Media, Culture, and Sport (2015) found that 43.3% of girls between the ages of five and 10 participate in dance-based activities, compared to just 12.2% of boys. At the same time, according to Luke Jennings (2013), It's 14 years since a woman was commissioned to create a main-stage ballet at the Royal Opera House. How can a small percentage of boys overrule the majority of women in dance culture? Many people outside and inside of dance culture believe dancers are…

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  • Dancing Plague Of 1518 Research Paper

    began when a woman named Frau Troffea began to dance uncontrollably in the middle of the street. She danced alone for about a week without stopping. Then, a few dozen other people began to join in and dance along side her. After a month of this dancing mania, some 400 people had been afflicted by the plague.(Andrews, n.p.) The doctors at the time believed that this dancing craze was caused by peoples blood becoming hot. They also believed that the only way to stop the people from dancing was…

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  • The Story Of Devil's Slide: When Bert Met Grace

    When Bert Met Grace Grace Toone went to weekly dances held in Henefer her 11th-grade year. The single men who worked at the cement plant in Devil’s Slide would go too. It was in the spring when Bert met Grace. A few years earlier Grace’s older sister, Leone had gons with Bert a couple of times, but Grace had never met him. Bert told this story about their meeting: “The young people in Devil’s Slide went to dances in Morgan and Henefer. It was in Henefer where I first saw my wife. Sitting on the…

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  • Gangsta Walk History

    with P. Daddy’s Bad Boy entertainment and the first group to launch Bad Boy South. From the group success and their early video release from the song G-Style”Gangsta". Doors opened and gave opportunity for other dances in Memphis Tennessee such as Joking, Bucking, and etc. and have spread abroad. The group continues to be a major part on the Memphis music scene with Romeo's latest…

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  • Sandra Cisneros The House On Mango Street

    In Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street”, in the vignette “Born Bad”, Aunt Lupe encourages Esperanza to continue to write because writing will “keep you free”. Writing can be an avenue of freedom in so many ways. Writing has the power to make a person feel as if they are escaping a prison in their mind full of words and phrases that they do not know what to do with. The second they write down those words and phrases they are free of themselves and their thoughts. Another way writing can…

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