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  • What Is Stretching?

    routines. Fans even get to the stadium early to be part of the warm-ups sometimes hours before the game kicks off. While warming up and stretching is an important part of injury prevention, it is largely…

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  • Dynamic Stretching

    practice. When we entered the weight room, however, he only had us group stretch after. A lot of people try to argue for pre-workout stretching, but according to WebMD, “everyone is more flexible after exercise.” Arguably, stretching post workout hasn’t seemed to decrease muscle soreness and pre workout stretching is unlikely to reduce risk of injury or improve performance. On the other hand, cooling down after a vigorous workout with static stretching is “a nice way to end a workout.”…

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  • Stretching And Performance Essay

    Effects of Stretching on Strength Dependent Performance Training programs for athletes often include both strength and flexibility exercises. Increasing strength is believed to increase athletic performance, while a minimal degree of flexibility, which varies between sports, is fundamental for optimal performance. Additionally, many authors and clinicians advise that stretching beyond this minimal needed flexibility prior to the main physical activity will reduce the risk of injury, improve…

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  • The Effects Of Stretching On Strength Performance

    These effects of stretching prominently appear to affect stretch tolerance with no changes in the viscoelastic properties of the muscle (Halbertsma & Göeken, 1994) (Magnusson, Simonsen, Aagaard, Sørensen, & Kjaer, 1996). The mechanism for increased performance following chronic stretching is believed to be related to stretch-induced hypertrophy, which is discussed more when examining the adaption mechanisms. Adaptation Mechanisms The adaptation mechanisms of acute and chronic stretching…

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  • Stretching Bodybuilder

    Stretching perfect way for bodybuilders: Stretching routine: We need a routine for a warm-up routine, routine, weight lifting and stretching? It is a routine that you spread it simply, you are integrated into your schedule if you do not do any more opportunities, because any bodybuilder us to be consistent with the will. Stretching before a workout: Pulling a lot of controversy these days about the exercise. True, a bodybuilder some light stretching before a workout will not be a huge…

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  • Hamstring Injury Research Paper

    most minor kinds of hamstring injuries, like cramps and strains, while grade 3 injuries represent much more serious muscle tears. A strong recovery is possible after a grade 3 hamstring injury, but most require months of rehabilitation. Athletes must be especially careful to properly maintain the hamstring, even during the off season, as an injury to the hamstring can have a massive negative impact on all levels of sporting careers. To prevent hamstring injuries, be sure to stretch properly…

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  • Lab 2.1 Fitness Essay

    In the beginning of the class I had not history of stretching or flexibility, which I stated on my original lab. This created an issue for me because I had no background, so it was like starting from scratch. Many of my original goals were accomplished, but the most important was to install a stretching program in my fitness routine. I am happy to say that I have maintained a flexibility routine within my fitness program. I have not adjusted any of the stretches from my original post, but I have…

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  • Fitness Test Essay

    each joint of the body and discuss when each is necessary or desirable. STATIC STRETCHING Usually the first type of stretching that comes to mind when people think of “stretching” and the most commonly seen form. Static stretching is most beneficial for recovery purposes, but will have less of a positive effect on those just desiring to increase their ROM. There are two types, static-active: slowly moving to the point of extreme ROM for the joint being stretched and holding the position.…

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  • Ear Piercing Among Teens

    Over the years, stretching an ear piercing has become widely popular among teens. The bigger that ear piercing is stretched the better it is. People find the whole idea of ear stretching to be gross and pointless. Ear stretching is not understood by older generations because of the terminology used when referring to ear stretching, the process of getting them to a specific size, and the whole idea of someone wanting to have giant holes in their ears. Older generations cannot seem to wrap their…

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  • Observation In Social Work

    I did my observation at the Brookdale, Spring Creek Gardens Senior Living Solutions. It is in Plano at 6410 Old Orchard Drive. I observed the morning exercises and interviewed the Activities Director, Cheryl Denman. The morning exercises start at 9 a.m. on weekdays. It always starts with some stretching and warm-up movements. The session always ends with a cool-down that includes slow breathing and mental centering for the day. The following is the exercise activities that I observed…

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