Exercise physiology

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  • Exercise Physiology Case Study

    Exercise Physiology It has long been thought that strenuous or prolonged exercise can affect the human’s endocrine system. This is an interesting scenario because endocrine system synthase performs as a negative feedback system. This means that when there is an unusually high level of a hormone in the blood, a signal will be sent back and production of that particular hormone will be stopped. The negative feedback system can easily keep all hormones levels at the optimal level for humans. When people train or exercise for a prolonged period of time they must understand the stress they can potentially bring upon their body. The changes in some hormonal levels can be beneficial or harmful to an individual’s performance and health. In order…

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  • Skeletal Muscle Contraction Essay

    Exercise is physical movement accomplished through the contraction of skeletal muscles. These contractions require significant amounts of energy and constitute a major physiological function. The energy for contractions is provided by ATP which can be synthesized from many different substrates.K The metabolic demands of skeletal muscle incurred through brief and acute exercise and be fulfilled through hydrolysis of creatine phosphate which provides energy to synthesize ATP from ADP. For longer…

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  • 6-Week Health Program: A Case Study

    receptionist in a physiotherapy clinic. She works on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She has a gym membership and currently exercises for three times a week. She exercises for an hour and mostly runs on a treadmill. The speed at which she usually runs and walks are 10.5kph and 6kph respectively. She drives to the gymnasium which is five minutes away from her home. She also has an outdoor track near her housing area but prefers running on a treadmill. Ashlee has no past medical history and is…

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  • Effects Of Carbohydrate Exercise On Muscle Endurance

    Effects of Carbohydrate Ingestion Pre- Grip Strength Exercise on Muscle Endurance In the world of fitness, nutritional supplements are ingested with intent to maximize the results of strength exercise. In achieving favorable adaptations to exercise, sufficient nutrient consumption is critical. Also important is the timing of nutrient consumption, as greater benefits are observed when ingestion takes place in a time frame close to the exercise (Laurenson & Dubé, 2014). Previous literature…

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  • Energy Consumption Lab Report

    Our body functions and consumes gas (O2) differently at rest and in motion. Energy requirement to maintain the body’s condition at rest is very different than the energy requirement during maximal exercise. At rest, the muscle intake of gas is very little, but during activity, oxygen consumption is multiples due to the intense oxygen demands of the muscles. Other parameters that are expected to change during exercise are metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure, stroke volume, cardiac…

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  • Examples Of Training For Muscular Fitness

    for our body and this is distributed all over the body in order to create work. It also talks about ATP. Adenosine triphosphate is the only fuel a cell can use to contract muscle, build new tissue and transports minerals and waste throughout the body. This chapter also talks about the anaerobic system. I talks about Glycolysis which is the chemical process of breaking down glycogen to glucose and it also talks about lactic acid. Lactic acids build up and impede the force generated by muscle and…

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  • Usain Bolt Case Study

    Could You…? Math Inquiry Pietro Could you run 0.8 kilometres in one minute? The fastest 100m sprint speed record is held by Usain Bolt , reaching the speed of 43.94 kph. 0.8 km is 800 meters. For you to run 800 meters in 1 minute you would need to reach the speed of Usain bolt speed: 43.94 x 800m= 35152 m/s. Though human endurance comes into play as well, as a person cannot run their top speed for more than 8 seconds. Usain Bolt was able to keep 95% of his top speed for 8 seconds during his…

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  • Aerobic Research Paper

    Aerobics – All you need to know to Get Fit What is Aerobics? Aerobic, more commonly known as cardio, is a form of low to high intensity physical exercise. Aerobic literal meaning is “involving, requiring or relating to free oxygen”. A typical aerobic session increases the heart rate and breathing rate to burn more fats (more on that later). It works on the rule of pumping one’s heart rate up. This oxygenated blood supplied by heart to the working muscles meet energy demands during an exercise…

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  • Anabolic Steroid Analysis

    Sports by their very nature are very competitive and even a marginal improvement in performance, endurance and strength can spell the difference between winning and losing. It has been noted in our society today that the use of steroids in sports is illegal. Steroids can lead to an unfair advantage for those who utilize them. An unfair advantage in this situation would be giving an athlete who has the same capabilities as another, like the same coach, training and skillset, a leg up by having…

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  • Renae Hallinan Case Study

    Sarcoplasm which turn Carbohydrate into Pyruvic acid and 2 molecules of ATP. The lack of oxygen means the carrier molecule NAD+ cannot offload the Hydrogen (H+) by-product of glycolysis causing a build up in the cell. To try to prevent an increase in acidity the pyruvic acid accepts the H+, forming Lactic acid. Lactic acid is thought to interfere with muscle contraction due to disrupting the binding of Calcium to Troponin. Acidity also stimulates free nerve endings within the muscle, causing…

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