Growth hormone

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  • Human Growth Hormone Case Study

    Introduction Human Growth Hormone is one of the major hormone found in the endocrine system in the body. It is an essential hormone that stimulates the body growth, normal brain function and secreted by the somatotropin cells in the anterior pituitary gland. There is a condition of abnormal body grow such as pituitary gigantism and pituitary dwarfism which the body over create grow hormone or doesn’t create enough GH. Another name for pituitary dwarfism is growth hormone deficiency. According to the Children’s Health study, the estimate between one in 14,000 and one in 27,000 babies born each year have some of the growth hormone deficiencies that cause dwarfism. This disorder is mostly seen in children than adults depends on genetic and some…

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  • The Effects Of Anabolic Steroids In Sports

    Athletes around the world are doing whatever it takes to be the best. The competition is fierce, and the athletes are pushed to be great by coaches and even parents. There is only so much an athlete can do to get bigger, faster, and stronger. The pressure to be great is causing athletes to resort to performance-enhancing drugs to get results faster. The process of using performance-enhancing drugs to get athletic results faster is called doping (Performance-enhancing). Anabolic steroids can be…

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  • The Effects Of Performance Enhancing Drug Use In Professional And Amateur Sports

    that temporarily boosts levels of the male sex hormone testosterone” (7). This revelation drew attention to the serious problem of performance- enhancing drug use in professional and amateur sports. In the world of sports, performance enhancing drugs and blood doping can cause health problems, damages to…

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  • What Are The Negative Effects Of Steroids In Sports

    countries it is illegal to sell them without a doctor’s prescription.(Fitzhugh) “In 1886 a welsh cyclist is reputed to have died after drinking a blend of cocaine, caffeine and strychnine”(Morgan,Homfray)after .Doping in sports is bad because it negatively affects an individual’s health, can cause dangerous behaviors, and can impact an athlete’s ability to compete. Athletes take steroids to try to boost their stamina and their performance but…

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  • Essay On Genetic Engineering

    Genetic Engineering Imagine a world with no genetic diseases or illnesses, where both humans and animals are born healthy without the possibility of inheriting or contracting a deadly disease. With genetic engineering, this world could become reality. Genetic engineering is the process of modifying the characteristics of an organism by altering its genetic material. Genetic engineering is a touchy subject. Many questions arise when the topic of genetic engineering comes up, many of them…

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  • Symptoms And Description Of Prader-Willi Syndrome

    with a weak cry (Prader-Willi syndrome, 2014). Children suffering from this disease generally can get the basic motor functions down and improve muscle tone; it will just take longer than the average child. Stage 2 From early childhood to adulthood, a new set of symptoms can appear with PWS. The most common are food cravings, and weight gain. With this symptom, food seeking behaviors may be adapted, along with the habit of eating in large portions many times a day. They suffer from…

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  • The Consequences Of Artificial Growth Substances In Animals

    Nowadays, innovative and inventive chemicals are available for just about anything—growth development, prevention of spoiled food, and other strange matters. However, are all these chemicals truly necessary? Over the past couple of years, numerous speculations of artificial hormones injected into animals raised suspicion due to the increase of mass productions. With these chemical injections, farmers benefit from the increase of livestock because as reproduction rate increases, more money will…

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  • Endocrine System Essay

    2016). It is made up of a collection of glands which produce hormones, regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, mood, in addition to a plethora of other things (Zimmermann, 2016). The glands included in this system are the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries in females, and testicles in males (Zimmermann, 2016). These glands are ductless and release their products into the blood or lymph.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Turner Syndrome

    along with the disorder. Many physicians have turned to hormone therapy, growth hormones in particular, to help TS females grow and develop more normally. In the article The Influence of Hormonal Replacement and Growth Hormone Treatment on the Lipids in Turner Syndrome, Tomasz Jerzy Irzyniec and Waclaw Jez describe the benefits of administering growth hormones once a girl with TS has reached her full height. In their study, there were “35 women who had been treated with GH during childhood. We…

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  • Pituitary Adenoma Case Study

    Overview A pituitary adenoma is a benign growth that occurs in the pituitary gland. Sometimes when the pituitary gland becomes covered with tumor-like growths it begins to secrete an excess of hormones. Though mostly benign, these tumors can still cause problems throughout the body. Definition & Facts The pituitary gland is located below the brain and above the nasal passages. This gland belongs to a system known as the endocrine system that includes the pancreatic gland, adrenal gland,…

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