Artificial Animal Experimentation

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Nowadays, innovative and inventive chemicals are available for just about anything—growth development, prevention of spoiled food, and other strange matters. However, are all these chemicals truly necessary? Over the past couple of years, numerous speculations of artificial hormones injected into animals raised suspicion due to the increase of mass productions. With these chemical injections, farmers benefit from the increase of livestock because as reproduction rate increases, more money will be made (Jathar). Artificial growth hormones in animals affect growth development in both animals and consumers; thus should not be injected into animals in the first place.
Artificial growth hormones, chemicals that stimulate growth and reproduction
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If one does not have access to these materials to identify injected products from natural ones, the consequences may include threatening of one’s health and immune system. Unless there are regulations made to restrict the use of growth substances in animals, meat from livestock should be avoided all together. Information regarding the specific amount of chemicals injected into an animal has not yet been revealed. In the grocery store, chemical content and its amount are not printed alongside nutritional facts; thus, we are not aware of its properties; one animal may be injected with a large amount, whereas another may contain very little. This means that if an individual consumes beef that originally had a numerous amount of chemicals injected into the cattle, he/she will experience harsher side effects. By minimizing or even eliminating the use of chemicals, farm animals will be able to grow in their own rate and provide natural products. In Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, she illustrates a community that is embedded with a strange evil spell that envelop illness to animals—birds could not fly, chicks did not hatch, and fish died. And who is to blame for these abnormal activities? Carson concludes, “No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves” (367) to blame humans for causing damages to the environment. Unless we take further action to stop injections in livestock, we will live in a world similar to the one Carson

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